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Dr. Sid Ahmadi Complaints & Reviews

Dr. Sid Ahmadi / Dr sid ahmadi


Dt sid Ahmadi is not thaat bad of a dentist if you are really in pain and need dentawork done quickly to get you out of pain he can help with that Every one can get there own opinion of dr ahmadi I only don't like him from my personal exsperience an I was very mad about what he decided to say to me everyone needs to get there own opinion of anyone and don't let a compliant about someone stop you from finding our yourselves everything I wrote is completely my opinion and alot of hearsay I got from diff patients. And put into one compliant I tried to delete it but I can't so go get your own opinion you don't have to listen to anyone elses opinion

Dr. Sid Ahmadi - Texas, lakejackson / bad dental assistants


I very much disapprove of the work he does. This man is very unprofesional in the people that he hires, all he does is hire attractive women so he can stare at there assses and chests even if they do not know what they are doing because they have not finished they're schooling as of the last time i was there. he just hires them because they are cheap workers and so he can get his rocks off every day stairing at them. One of his dental assistants dropped a crown on the floor then picked it up brushed it off and placed it back in my mouth thats just un-hygenic and unproffesional. The only...

Dr. Sid Ahmadi - Texas, lake jackson / Dr. Sid Ahmadi


Well for one, Dr. Sid Ahmadi is very unprofessional in almost every way his work ethics are very poor he needs to go back to dental school and learn how to professionaly work on someones mouth. Which is a very important part of a being a dentist, ecpecially if he notices what procedure is not the right thing to do for instance filling a cavity which should of been a root canal because he didnt feel like spending the time to work on it. So that now the filling is too deep where i can not eat on that side because the filling hits the nerve and it hurts. Dr. Ahmadi is the one who pointed out that...

Dr. Sid Ahmadi - Texas, Lake Jackson / Scary tactics


Dr Sid Ahmadi employs highly paid business managers for sweet talking. But he uses hideous tactics to scare patients to buy his highly expensive treatments which are totally unnecessary. Strongly advise against.