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Dr Richard Nel Complaints & Reviews

Dr Richard Nel / Dr Richard Nel is a Scammer

Jun 11, 2014

Dr Nel, Dr Richard Nel, Richard Barry Nel, Beatri Nel, Gate Gate Investment Group Pretoria, dr.Richard.[protected], [protected] PRETORIA SE ‘AL CAPONE’ GEVANG Deur DE WET POTGIETER: PRETORIA Berig verskyn in Rapport … Die beweerde “Al Capone” van Pretoria, Richard Barry Nel – wat glo etlike maande lank met die hulp van ‘n rowwe span gewapende lyfwagte vrees en bewing gesaai het – is agter tralies. Twee van sy handlangers is ook intussen in hegtenis geneem op aanklagte wat verband hou met die “godfather”...

Dr Richard Nel / Non-payment for services rendered

Jul 30, 2012

This complaint is to make other service providers aware of a highly educated, well-to-do and well spoken businessman's modus operandi to financially harm small business enterprises under the guise of poor service delivery, whilst knowing that the provider does not have the means to legally claim outstanding payment for services rendered to him. I supplied and installed DSTV and high end sound equipment at the private residence of a client, Dr Richard Nel, after he accepted three different quotations from my company. The terms of payment was indicated on the quotations, but two month...