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Dr. Barry L Eppley Complaints & Reviews

Dr. Barry L Eppley / cosmetic surgery

Aug 28, 2018

I am going to write this review to protect other people. I am in the Cosmetic Surgery industry myself ( I wasn't at the time of the surgery), and I have worked with countless plastic surgeons all over the country, some of the top in the world, so I now know the clear difference between their level and quality, and that of Dr. Barry Eppley, so here are my thoughts. The short version: He ran out of material during my surgery and had to sow me back up without finishing the procedure! He literally RAN OUT OF MATERIAL!. Long Version: His skills as a salesman and marketer are far superior to hi...

Dr. Barry L Eppley - Indiana, Carmel / Indiana's worst plastic surgeon- should have stayed in dentistry


Barry L. Eppley, MD, DMD, should have stayed in dentistry, if he was ever any good in that profession. As for his upgrade to plastic surgery, his ability in the operating room makes me wonder if he paid for his MD. Dr. Barry L Eppley performed a rhinoplasty and breast implants on my wife last year, leaving her disfigured in body and in a state of emotional hell. At first we thought he was sincere when he claimed to understand her devastation. But as time went on, he and his office staff lost their phony demeanor of concern and did everything except hang up on us outright. Dr. Eppley'...