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Digesare Mechanical Inc Complaints & Reviews

Digesare Mechanical Inc / The job was done, but the company hasn't paid for it

Nov 06, 2015

I was deceived by the company Digesare Mechanical Inc. I worked for them within 4 months. The work was great and the team was professional. But after the first month, I didn’t get the whole sum, which they have promised to pay me. I was so angry and with other employees I went to the manager. He yelled at us and told that we would get nothing. We still haven’t received money for finished work.

Digesare Mechanical Inc / They don't have a lot of work and salaries were small

Nov 05, 2015

People, be aware. I spoke with the manager of Digesare Mechanical Inc. He offered me a position in their company. He told me that they have a lot of work and they pay good money. The team was good and it sounded great for me. I agreed to work for them. But the manager misled me. Several days we sat without any work and our payments depended on the work, so I got very small salary and the manager was also rude. So, I don’t recommend this company.