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Dentalia Cancun Complaints & Reviews

Dentalia Cancun / Dental implants

Oct 28, 2016

this a totally fake clinic, the doctors there are students, I went there because they were advertising the implants and I wanted a solution for my mouth, and I did not knew what was the best for me, and I went for consultation, and what was my surprise, is like a cheap version of clearchoice, its a chain of clinics, which they are small, and everywhere, but the worst part is that they advertise they have experts, but they are students, they did not gave me any solution about my inquiry in dental implants, and the worst part, is that they quoted me with discount and told me not to worry???...

Dentalia Cancun / Dental procedure, false advertisement

Oct 27, 2016

dentalia is a company that it has different locations in mexico, and they hire low profile doctors that just came out form school, they just recently opened one in cancun, and they say that they see medical tourism, but the truth is that this is their first time they see americans or Canadians, their doctors are not qualified, and they are not trained in placing implants, or they use high quality materials, that's why they are so low, all the porcelain they use is form china, the very lowest quality, and the implants are the Chinese clones, that's why clinics like this ones are all over...