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DelveCo Complaints & Reviews

DelveCo - Tennessee, Nashville / Possible Identity Theft Scam


I also place a job wanted ad on Craigslist in the Nashville, TN area. Today I received the same request as the San Francisco resident for me to fill out an online application. I was suspicious when I clicked on the link and it took me to a fairly blank page. Most companies I have applied online with have a legitimate site with info on the company. This had nothing. I did a search and found the other complaint. It was enough to stop me. THANKS.

DelveCo - California / Identity Theft Scam


I placed an employment ad on www. and I got a response from a company called Delveco. The respondant from Delveco wanted me to complete an online application using their website which included personal information I believe could be used to aid them in stealing my identity. Being a former Law Enforcement Officer who previously investigated crimes of Identity Theft in California; this solitation appearred to be an fraudulant attempt to obtain my personal information. Using Google, I attempted to search this company via the web and I was unable to locate any background information...