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DealTree Complaints & Reviews

DealTree / Trading scam


Sent them a great camera...only for them to tell me it has 0 value, and that I'd have to pay $19.30 to have it returned to me. They never intended to pay for it in the first place. And they knew the postage to get it back was ski-high. I am very angry at this whole siutation. What is worse, because I thought I was getting $32 value on my camera I bought a brand NEW kodak camera. I lost the camera, or I lose $19.30 postage, and I lose the price of the newer camera that I never would have purchased had it not been for dealtree's con advertisement.

DealTree / Fraud and scam


I got 2 Sony Playstation 3's from a company on with the User names sold_broken and 2ndturn. On the description of both Sony Playstation 3's they claimed they where Playstation 3's with the Mfg Item Number: 98000 witch is the 60 gig model or model number CECHA01, The only model of PS3 with the capability of playing Playstation, Playstation 2, and Playstation 3 games. I ordered the first Playstation 3 on December 24 2008. When it came to my house it was not the model that I asked one was model CECHH01 or the 40 gig model. So I called them up asking to talk to a supervisor...

DealTree / Terrible experience


I did my transaction through, which is owned by Dealtree. All my subsequent dealings were with Dealtree so that is why my review is here. Eztradein is Dealtree's service which buys back used electronics. I sent them a laptop, which had a quoted value of $200. I selected to receive a check and shipped my laptop. Upon receipt I got an e-mail that the hinge was cracked and it's value was only $99. There is no way it was cracked when I sent it, and there is no way it happened during shipping. My laptop was covered by foam on all sides, and packed very tightly with packing...