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De-Age Complaints & Reviews

De-Age - Maryland, Towson / fraud


I am sending this as a "ditto" to California's complaint as the same thing happened to me, except my "ad" read page 28, June 2010. Thank heaven I was alert to realize no on I know would send me something without signing it, plus no regular postage stamp. If you notice, page was not torn out of magazine, but neatly cut w/craft scissors!

De-Age - California / Solicitation for De-Age Wrinkle Serum


I received a page torn out of a magazine in an envelope with no return address with a hand-written note with my first name that read "Call fast, it works. I only paid shipping!" The ad was for De-Age wrinkle serum. On the back of the page was Finance, Stock Markets around the World, page 28, April 2010. No one i know would send me anything without signing their name, so this immediately made me think this was a "scam". How wonderful the internet is because when I Googled De-Age, I found numerous complaints of the exact same ilk, with the same call to action with personalized hand writing. BUYER...

De-Age - Arizona, Scottsdale / Whole story not told


Received an unsolicited mailer about wrinkle removal products . Wondering how they got my name and address, I called and did some sleuthing. I asked one representative how much the free product would cost. Her reply: Only $13.95. I asked how whya free product cost 13.95, and she answered that it was for shipping and handling. I asked if additional products would be sent and charged to my card. Response: "Only if you ask for it." I then asked for the manager, whose name is Scott West. When asked if he knew the BBB rating, he said no. I informed him it was D+ because of issues with...

De-Age - Arizona / Does not work


Well, I was told that this De-Age will work on my hands and arms and will also take away brown spots. Let me tell you, all of that is a lie. I am returning my 6 month supply that I was suckered into buying. I was told that if I did not buy right then, when and if I called back to order, I could not save money and would have to pay the regular price, which happens to be OUTRAGEOUS. Good thing for the MONEY BACK PROMISE cause its all going back.

De-Age / Anti-wrinkle


They do not give a physical address or a web site! Only a telephone # ! I have been contacted several times by De-Age, and encouraged to try their "miracle" wrinkle-remover product! Finally I called them, however before I ordered the "free sample", for only "shipping carges", I asked some questions- I finally got some answers after a great deal of probing a reluctant representative. 1) Shipping charge was outrageously high! 2)Along with the "free sample", they also ship me a full-sized product at approximately $90.00 (and my credit card would be charged accordingly) of course I could alway...