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Datehookup.com / Fraud

whitney12 on Feb 17, 2015
I tried to make the following complaint and the company (Datehookup.com) would not receive the complaint. So, YOU can be the judge and since, in my opinion, nearly every judge in the United States judicial system is corrupt with only exception being the justices of the U.S. Supreme Court, at least your judgment might at least lend some credibility to the word "judge". Here's the complaint. Can you help me to understand why the majority of the contacts I have received at this site are from the infinite number of female perverts and scammers out there. This has to mean that you are not...

Datehookup.com / Keep receiving email

Elle8021 on Jul 23, 2014
I keep on receiving emails from an online dating service of an account that I had briefly opened, but has been cancelled for over 2 years. They send me account notifications as if my account is still opened. I tried signing in in case this account had somehow been re-activated, but in fact it says that this account is no longer in use. I have been trying to find an email to send a complaint so that they take my email completely off of their system, but haven't had any luck. Please advise if possible.

Datehookup.com / they scam you out of money

tired of fake site on Feb 13, 2014
Datehookup.com charged my credit card for their VIP services which I signed up for six months. A day later, they deleted my profile even though they charged my credit card. I did nothing wrong to have my profile deleted. I believe they are pulling a SCAM on people, charging their credit card and then deleting their profile.

Datehookup.com - New Jersey / Tainted, low quality people

marcA111 on Sep 22, 2013
While the site does have its fair share of very attractive women, they are mostly stuck-up and have a gravid resentment of men. I'd imagine many guys on there also have serious anger towards women. The problem, however, is pretty much all women on there are equally nasty. I tend to like the more friendly, girl-next-door type and will gladly take a hit in looks. However, there are none to be found there. maybe if i was still in my early 20's, lived in the gym, and was covered with tats my response/success rate would be better. Nonetheless, they stand at 1 out of 3 in the response rate...

Datehookup.com / malicious users

tired of on Sep 22, 2013
since the new owners of datehookup.com took over about a year ago, this site has been taken over by malicious users. users will post full names and address' of women, and other personal info. if the malicious user is deleted, they just keep coming back more more profiles in order to harass people. the site does nothing to stop this. the site is also full of fake profiles, trying to scam, and get your personal information. do not join this site, as it will only be a miserable experience for you, and even perhaps a dangerous one. the entire site needs to be taken down.

Datehookup.com / harassment

hunter54 on May 14, 2013
If a person wants to join this dateing site be ready to experiance white suprmistry at its finest. over the last few years the site has gone down hill. nothing but haters and biggots and raciests. there is a poster in current events and politics forums area that does nothing but harass other posters, never does he post on topic, just attacks and slander of other posters. Realbigrandy72 is his online name.from ceres ca. why this clown is allowed to remain on the site is something Id like to know, as he never follows any of the posted rules by Dustin, or any of the user agreement rules. just shear ignorance abounds on that site anymore.

Datehookup.com - Texas, Spring / Fraud Account

Trenica on Jan 28, 2013
This website has allowed someone to create an account using my picture, my telephone as well as where I work location and occupation. I have recieved numerous harassing calls, because of this and I want this to be removed. This has caused me to fear for my life, because strange people know where I work. The user name is hottmamatre.. www.datehookup.com

Datehookup.com / The saddest place on the internet

TJ Leeland on Jan 5, 2013
The site is free, and you get what you pay for here. These are the saddest people I've ever seen. If you go the the forums it's filled with nothing but hate; hate for the opposite sex; hate for newcomers; hate for posting a subject that's been posted before; hate for posting a subject that hasn't been posted before; it's crazy. Unless you're one of the 15 or so regulars you can expect to be belittled and trolled. Eventually you'll get empty threats of getting you banned. The favorite subject among the regulars seems to be the "how long since you've had sex"...

Datehookup.com / A lot of fake profiles

Percey on Aug 31, 2012
A lot of fake profiles... a lot of people saying they are one thing and finding out they are not! One of them I found out is my boyfriend... he has himself portrayed as a guy looking for someone to share a no drama, friends, relationship, travel, etc. He is not who he says he is. hasn't been for a very long time.

Datehookup.com / Scams email

Azli on Apr 2, 2012
They have been sending me all sort of email, scams and it's a lot. I did try to excess into my profile but i couldn't get through. I would wish them to deactivate my account and stop all the email scams IMMEDIATELY!

Datehookup.com / Blocked Account, Won't Tell Me Why

I read this complaint, and since it describes everything, I'm gonna repost his text, then give my particular details (btw: my member name on the site was KarlynATL): "I joined the site this past summer under a particular nickname. A few months later, with no notice or warning, I was told by other members who were friends of mine that I was no longer appearing in their "favorites" section, they could no longer access my Profile and a search for "nicknames" could not locate my account. I sent an e-mail to customer service which was not responded too. I found this an odd situation, since I wa...

Datehookup.com / Fake Profiles

A VERY good percentage of female profiles on datehookup are "fake" and I'm very tired of it. I'm assuming that it's the site administrators who respond to most the messages. You'll also notice, that there are quite a few profiles who have a "decent" pic of themselves but in the self description box, it says, "(no description provided)". When you send these people a message, asking them some basic questions, most of the questions are "dodged" and the respond back is so vague and impersonal that one can only assume that it is being answered by a site...

Datehookup.com - California / Will not let me enter site with password or email address or take my complaint.

Tried to enter my site using my nickname and password, it will tell me that I have the wrong id or password, ..when I try to verify the password using my email address it tells me it does not recognize my email address. There is no other way to file a complaint unless you log in, ...so they have deviced a way to shut people out for what ever reason, ...very strange and unprofessional. Erwin Ferns

Datehookup.com / racism

I was a former member of datehookup.com, as of summer 2007 the owner dustin allowed fake profiles and white supremacist to make profiles on the site. and cause alot of problems. i was a victom on this site and i reported these complaints to dustin and customer service. and they did not reply. i joined the site again a couple weeks ago i was deleted by dustin. me and another member. when we said we were obama supporters. and we were deleted less than five minutes Datehookup.com is not a safe site, customer support doesnt respond to anyones needs, and neither does dustin. and the fake profiles still continue today.
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