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Dallas Housing Authority Complaints & Reviews

Dallas Housing Authority / Arbitrary denial of public housing


I applied for public housing with the Dallas Housing Authority and was denied because of my criminal record, which is relatively minor and the facts they relied upon erroneous. The actual complaint is as follows. FORMAL APPEAL AND REQUEST FOR INFORMAL REVIEW COMES NOW the Applicant-Appellant in the above styled and numbered matter, respectfully appealing the withdrawal of his application for housing to the Dallas Housing Authority and requesting an informal review of the decision. The notice withdrawing the application is dated May 14, 2007, and a copy of it is appended hereto as Exhibit...

Dallas Housing Authority / Nonexisting payments


To Whom it may concern: June 19, 2006 we entered into the Roseland Towne homes on Washington the address we used was 3535 munger and told to appear in court November 9, 2006 A.D. We were told of a nonexisting payment was made in August in the amount of $44 and again in September for the same amount. All deposits were paid and a receipt for $77.00 was returned back to me for said non compliance of supposed unpaid rents. The entirety of the bill was four hundred plus expenditures but we were only taken to court for $44 there of and told to vacate the premises in five day(s). The unite vacated...