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cyberlink Complaints & Reviews

cyberlink / Customer Support

john hey on Oct 9, 2014

Earlier this year I replaced my oldest hard drive as a safety precaution with a Seagate 2 Tb and moved software downloads, registration documents and anything of importance on to it with the intention of further backups on to DVD, I had only backed up photo’s, video’s and music to DVD when my new hard drive failed after only 6 weeks, I lost everything else on it as it was un-repairable. Seagate replaced it immediately with one made in Taiwan it had been one of a batch made in China as flooding or bad weather had wiped out production in the usual Seagate plant. I have recently...

cyberlink / youcam5 software

mlmurray on Feb 4, 2014

I purchased 2 youcam5 upgrades from youcam3/4 in 2013. i bought these 2 upgrades for 2 different laptops. i got the upgrade software OK. also advise u to use paypal with this cyberlink for any n all paymts. after getting the youcam5 upgrade software my HP g-6/win8 laptop started to not run correctly. i had to reinstall win8 completely. there was ONLY 1 down for my youcam5. i then purchased another youcam5 software (this was not an upgrade). i then found out i could only use the youccam5 software 1 time also. my laptop started to not run correctly again. i had to reinstall win8 once again. i...

cyberlink / Can't access my account or customer service

Tonya G on Dec 13, 2011

I can't access customer service or support from their website. I have a Cyberlink account, but when I try to sign in I get the message: "We’re sorry but the request could not be processed." "The message has been logged together with more detailed information about the error so we can analyze it further. Please try again If you're having trouble locating a destination on Cyberlink, try visiting the Cyberlink home page." I get this same message when I go to the customer service section and type in a question about their website problem and after I click the (Submit Your Question...

cyberlink / Cannot remove embedded spam Cyberlink loaded in my computer

BoseL1 on Jun 8, 2011

I accepted a 30 day trial offer for Cyberlink's Power to Go 7 product, which I downloaded. Each morning when I turned on my computer a Cyberlink screen appeared to inform me of how many days were left on the trial period, and also asking if wanted to purchase their product. I knew after the first day that I was not going to purchase, and since Cyberlink did not offer a method to cancel the trial period or their daily screen reminder, I deleted all their software in order to get them out of my computer. That did not work and the daily reminders continued, so I decided to wait for the 30...

cyberlink - Minnesota, Eden Prairie MN 55344 / not send refund

I brought CyberLink Live Premium and I have not been able to login in they keep sending password they do not work. I have email them 15 times asking for my money back and membership be cancel. they will not. I have brought software to try on this cyberlink program and cannot. I told my computer to the computer shop they couldn't get this program to work. I can show you all the email they keep sending. saying do not respond to this email. you will hear from us.

cyberlink / customer service


on 2-12-2009 I purchased powerdvd SE with the extended download option.after submitting 4 different support tickets to them in the last 4 days, I still have not gotten any responce from them.I guess they want me to buy thier phone service at a cost of $30 for 60 days to make them feel like they should respond. Well I am not going to buy the phone service sence it is probley as bad as thier support ticket program. But I will file a complaint with every consumer board and web site i can find. If anyone knows of any sites that would be a help please let me know.