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Cummings Properties Complaints & Reviews

Cummings Properties / Do not rent from them


Cummings Properties is a commercial real estate company in the Boston, MA area. They are a very big local commercial real estate company. Several years ago, I needed to rent commercial real estate for my small business so I thought of Cummings Properties. Overall the office space is totally fine so I signed a multiple year lease with Cummings Properties. Last year 2008/2009 I received an increase in rent from them as a "standard of living increase". This is total BS if I ever heard it. When I asked the property manager at Cummings Properties, they said that is the way it is (and is in the...

Cummings Properties - Massachusetts, Woburn / Increasing Rent for Small Business During Recession


I am very upset that Cummings Properties is increasing my rent for my business during the worst recession in decades. When I called my property manager at Cummings Properties and asked him if they could keep my rent the same they said we are increasing due to a "Cost of Living" increase for all of their tenants. Up to this point I have been a happy Cumming Properties customer paying my rent on time each month and the service that they provide is good, but I am very upset that Cumming Properties is increase rent in 2009...sticking it to the little guy. In an economic time that is very tough the last thing companies need to see is an increase in rent from Cummings Properties.