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Crystal Clear Window Works Complaints & Reviews

Crystal Clear Window Works / glazing


the special coating that crystal clear apply is meerly a simple meths solution that they call drying agent, if you put meths on anything it will naturally dry out that is the nature of the wood spirit, they say it has nano coating built in so has washing up liquid wow, how impressive does nanno sound not very if your a plate or a saucepan so there we are get them round for a quote and show them this bit of info and see what they have to say

Crystal Clear Window Works / Awful company


I contracted Crystal Clear Window Works to treat six windows in my house that were showing moisture between the panes. They treated the windows and said it would be 12 weeks before the treatment dried out. After 16 weeks it was still damp. They treated again. After 16 weeks it was still damp. The franchise I was working with went out-of-business. I called the home office in Nashville. Took them many months to respond and finally arrange with another franchise for a third treatment. After six months, the windows are still damp and the glass is stained, and the metal parts are corroding very...