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County Car Rental Complaints & Reviews

County Car Rental / Country Car is a scam, charging extra for made-up damages, stay away

Mar 28, 2011

We rented a car for 2 weeks, took good care of it, washed and vacuumed it before returning it. Their agent inspected the car, took the keys, did not provide any paperwork to note the car’s condition, with or without any damage. A week later, we received a charge for $993 on our credit card for a scuff mark on the bumper. Country Car’s letter to us was so full of bogus, stating they “hand washed the car within an hour, found the damage and took pictures.” The ground around the car was perfectly dry. (Ireland isn’t Mexico). We spoke with ACE, the parent company, and...

County Car Rental / Poor service!


Several weeks after my wife dropped off a car rented from County Car Rental our American Express was charged for $1200 for damages. When the car was rented several areas were noted on the rental agreement showing damages that had occurred prior to the rent agreement. Upon returning the car to the airport there was no one at the County Car Rental area, and in talking to other people in the area she found that was the norm rather than the exception. Time came where she had to leave to catch a flight, so she left the keys and a copy of the rental agreement showing the damages on the...