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Colorado Springs Dodge Complaints & Reviews

Colorado Springs Dodge - Colorado, Colorado Springs / 2013 ram 1500

Jan 15, 2018

Truck stalled three times, towed three times, after two fuel pumps were installed. Spent $810.32 for first fuel pump, $525 in towing fees. Only received 1/2 of value at trade-in. Truck had only 37000 plus miles. This happened over 12 day span. Would like to plead for reinbursement of expensed occured and average trade-in value of truck. I don't know whether lemon law would apply or not. Just put new Michelin tires on truck. Had to pay and additional $600 to install new rails on new truck for fifth wheel hitch. Also had to pay camping fees as my camper had to placed somewhere as the truck was worked on. Had reservations for camping in Mesa, Az and lost 12 days of the month. Very stressful time for us.

Colorado Springs Dodge - Colorado, Colorado Springs / Fraud and misrepresentation

Aug 18, 2014

I was lied to by Garth Wilson regarding an interest rate and an Extended Warranty on a new Dodge Ram truck. Mr. Wilson told me that I could get a better interest rate if I purchased the extended warranty. All banks were closed when the contract was signed and he said with our excellent credit rating, I could get a better rate than the 3.90% on Monday when the banks opened. That did not happen. Also, on the Extended Warranty Contract: This was for 7 years, 70, 000 miles. I was covered by Chrysler the first year of ownership. The truck was sold prior to one year of ownership, so this contract...

Colorado Springs Dodge - Colorado, Colorado Springs / unfair charges, misreprestentation


My son was taken advantage of very badly by this dealership and Garth Wilson in finance. He was told he would have $350 payments for 60 months on a new Caliber, and when the smoke and BS cleared, he is looking at $450 payments for 84 months. Mr. Wilson overcharged on aftermarket products by $4, 890!!! He also added service plans and maintenance fees for another $600. All the while telling my son the payments would be $350. He told my son to make the $450 payments for 3 months then come back in to refinance. He did this and was told that there was no chance to refinance after the 3 months. He...