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Mar 11, 2017

I orderd $100 of merchandise and received nothing for 30 days. When I tried to contact them it was difficult but finally received a text back weeks after my phone calls were never answered. I got the run arround and a bunch of excuses stating I was wrong. But my bank statement says otherwise. After a month of attempting to contact the company I received a message back saing I had ti go after the people that took my funds, but my statement was from this company collectors it was a scam. They took my bank card payment and then stated they dont take card payments. - California, Los Angeleas / False/misleading accusations

Mar 22, 2012

Your web site has been, and continues to be used as a source of misleading information about Through my own personal experience I have found this company to be honest, reliable and easy to communicate with regarding the resolution of conflicts, disputes and retkurn of items. Why is it that you require no proof to substantiate the claims you publish on your web site. Claims which do irrevocable damage to the reputation of honest business men? You should be more dilligent in checking out the veracity of the complaints before you publish them for everyone to read on your...