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Coсa-Cola Complaints & Reviews

Coсa-Cola / Wining

Sep 12, 2012

THE COCA COLA COMPANY PROMOTION/PRIZE AWARD COCA COLA AVENUE STAMFORD BRIDGE LONDON. SW11 5W UNITED KINGDOM Tel: +[protected] BATCH NUMBER:74/44319/JPMM PIN NUMBER:*124*# REGISTRATION ORDER NUMBER:O2-05OPR442-RSPT Congratulation's We are in receipt of your provided delivery information. We emerged you as one of the lucky winners from this year's COCA-COLA AWARD PROMOTION 2012. This is to inform You that your winning prize £1.000, 000.00 Pounds (One Million British Pounds) Only has been verified for payment by this Department and approved for delivery/pick-up. Your parcel will be...

Coсa-Cola / Flat Pop


i purchased a 20 oz bottle of coca cola on september 28, and it had absolutely no carbonation. it's expiration date is Nov. 24 and as a avid coke drinker. this is the first time something of this sort has ever happened to me. and i am very dissapointed. is there any way i can get some sort of voucher or coupon for my trouble?

Coсa-Cola / Cherry Coke


I bought a cherry coke at my local college today, 9/15/08. The bottle had an oily substance to it. I couldn't smell anything out of the ordinary so I opened it a took a sip. I noticed a weird taste but thought it was from eating oreo cookies right before drinking the soda. I took another sip and realized that the taste was sinilar to gasoline or kerosene. I took it to the cafeteria for a refund. If I get sick from this, I want to know what Coka Cola will do about it. Even if I don't get sick, others need to be aware of this problem.