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Cleveland Institute Of Electronics Complaints & Reviews

Cleveland Institute Of Electronics / Billing

May 7, 2013

I signed up ($10.00 deposit) with CIE to pursue a degree program via distance learning but changed my after doing more research on the program and institution. They claimed they mailed me study materials for which I must now pay in excess of $3, 500.0 even though I never studied, acknowledged materials or ever pursue any program with the institution. They subsequently sent me a bill demanding payment in full which I immediately appealed. They promised to look into but subsequently emailed me saying if I paid $400.00 plus they would right off the debt. I replied asking what debt have I incurred...

Cleveland Institute Of Electronics - Iowa / Grades


The course is Cet 351 Computer- Aided Circuit Design And Drafting. I don't receive Grades for Lessons done the instructor keeps telling me he sends them out but i never get them. Says He can't e-mail them. Then says he will e-mail them But never does. I just had a conversation with Bruce the instructor. Said he would e-mail my grades have still not seen them. It's like talking to a wall. Very disappointed in This school.

Cleveland Institute Of Electronics - Florida, Miami / Rip-Off Artists


CIE (Cleveland Institute of Electronics) lures people into registering for their online courses at a $35 charge and once registered, they send you material for the first lesson but start billing for half of the course. Even if you do not continue with the course they continue billing and if you don't pay, they send your account to collection agency SECURITY CREDIT SYSTEMS. These people at the agency, do not respect any bankruptcy laws and continue to harass you for a payment. They are rude and insult you when you tell them that you are under the Chapter 13 bankruptcy protection...