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Clearpoint Direct Complaints & Reviews

Clearpoint Direct / freedom compression socks

Sep 9, 2017

I ordered 1 pair of socks for 6.97 plus shipping of 2.00 and used my pay pal account on July 26, 2017 my order # is 64198, item # 05523 - $9.00 for a pair of Full Freedom Compression Socks - Color: Beige, Size: Large discount $2.00 for a total of 8.97 including $2 shipping. I have written multiple emails with no response from them, it has been over 6 weeks and still no socks. This company is in Canada, Clearpoint Direct 2317 46th Avenue, Lachine, QC, H8T 3C9 . I received a confirmation that my money was sent to Nuvatek Distribution Corporation on 7.26.2017. I would like the item I ordered. Thank you

Clearpoint Direct - Nova Scotia, Sydney / No Refund Issued


I ordered 4 items from ClearPoint Direct in Sept & when I received the order it only contained 2 items stating the other 2 were discontinued. They also stated that a refund was pending thru PayPal as that is the method I used to pay with. They have ignored my emails, calls & PayPal states that it can't control quanity or quality-just delivery. They will "mark"the company name in case of other complaints but that's it! I have the order page showing the items were not shipped & that a refund is pending but have not located the other page actuallt stating that the refund will be sent to paypal. I could use a little help here as it's not the amount but the principle Thanks Karen McGrath

Clearpoint Direct / Crooks


Ordered two bra's from this crooked company How can they continue to dupe the public. Where is the consumer protection agency???????? I ordered the bras and Clear Point Direct cashed my check. We need to contact the Canadian Government and issue a formal complaint against this crooked business. Their business Address is in the US but they never answer the call and want you to leave a message. We consumers should boycott the newspapers that run Clear Points phony adds. Perhaps this will get the message to these crooks that the US consumer can not be swindled. Hope that this message gets some results!

Clearpoint Direct / Didn't send product


I sent a check on July 2, 2010 for $13.93 for the full freedom comfort bras. The check has been cashed and no product sent. I cannot reach customer svc. at 888-840-9999 after numerous tries as on a daily basis and the line is continously busy. What do you do next to get this resolved? What a "rinky-***" outfit this Clear Point Direct has turned out to be. I can't believe these people can sleep at night practicing the dishonest procedures they are commiting. I thought there were government agencies that were formed to catch this dishonesty.

Clearpoint Direct / check cashed, no merchandise received


On January 19, 2010, I mailed a check to Clearpoint Direct to purchase two bras. The check was cashed, but I did not receive the merchandise. I e-mailed the company, but received no response.