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Aug 15, 2011

I cancelled my internet & phone (bundled) service with Clear near the end of July 2011. I paid my outstanding balance at the time and asked if I owed anything else. The CSR told me I didn't owe anything else. Last Friday, August 12, 2011, I received an automated past due call on my cell phone. The robot voice identified itself as calling about my Sprint account being past due. It demanded immediate payment and if I didn't pay the $10 balance my service would be cut off. My cell phone is with Sprint, but I'm on another family member's Family Plan. I don't pay the Sprint... / Billing

Jul 13, 2011

My service was interrupted for non-payment. i was told i owed $60 and given the option of paying the full amount or a partial amount. I chose to pay a partial amount of $20. they charged that $20 twice. i called htem and told them to reverse both charges and they said they would within 3-5 business days. but two days later, instead of reversing the two privious charges of $20, they charged my card AGAIN for $20.41! when i called and asked them why they would do charge my card again after being told the day before to reverse the previous charges, they first told me they wouldn’t reverse... / Rip off

Mar 14, 2011

BUYER BEWARE!!! I signed up for and/or so called super-fast internet and when I got it home the internet worked but after a certain time during the night the bandwidth would dwindle down to almost nothing, even dial-up speeds were faster. Other times the internet wouldn't work at all even when my area was in a 4G area and close to a tower. I tried calling tech support and had to wait nearly an hour before talking to someone which all they told me was to clear the cache and cookies out and to do that on a WEEKLY basis, I've never heard of having to have to clear... - Florida, Tampa / CSRs are lying about complay policy

Jan 11, 2011

I bought a Clear modem at Best Buy in Odessa FL. Since I have IT experience I was dubious that the coverage could be as good as they claimed and I specifically asked the salesman whether if I was not satisfied I would get a full refund. He assured me that I would. The document they gave me for customer service states "customer has 14 days to cancel service without incurring ANY fees. I used the service for a few days but it was in and out. I called Clear customer service and was told that I would get a full refund after the equipment was returned to them in good working order. I spoke to a... - Georgia / Terrible Coverage & Customer Service


I have been with clear for several months now, and so far I feel the service is satisfactory strictly due to the fact that coverage is not available in many of the areas I work in as an IT consultant. My initial hopes / thoughts are that as Clear's popularity grows, so will their Wimax range. Prior to my investment in Clear's services and products, I did quiet a bit of research before finally speaking to one of the local Clear reps regarding the pricing etc. Without going into details, I was offered the 2 year contract with free equipment (+ equipment lease fees) or to purchase the...