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Clear - North Carolina, Kernersville / Poor connection-charged after disconnect-charged cancellation fee

Oct 10, 2011

After r leasing 2 modems I decided to save some money I purchased a third modem for another location(for my daughter & grandchildren)I was having serious connection problems after I activated the 3rd modem on Clear.They gave me 1 month free but the next month they charged me twice as much.They then offered me a 'free' modem to keep the service to try to solve the connection problems with the third modem.I had connection problems with the 'free' modem too & cancelled the service at the 2nd location.Clear charged me for the whole month even though I shipped their 'free' modem...

Clear - Texas, San Antonio / ripoff!!


I cancelled Clear at the end of June, 2010 and for the next 2 weeks they debited $65.13 from my account, which, after it cleared my bank refunded to me, then this last Friday they take $80.oo out. I found out that this was for a restocking fee for cancelling a contract. I asked the salesperson in my first conversation with Clear if there were any contracts. He assured me it was month to month and no fees to quit, just return the equipment. Today on the phone I am informed by a young lady that I was indeed under a 2 year contract and that is why they were charging me the $80.00. They lie, they...

Clear - Nevada, Henderson / poor customer service


Please don't sign up for internet services at this store. The store manager Aaron is a real idiot. He charged me the wrong package price, but I couldn't see what he charged me until I got home. They do not give you a receipt in the store, they email it to you so you can't get it until you get home. When I looked at it he had signed me up for a lease, and I wanted to buy the equipment. He charged me for 2 USB ports instead of the modem and a USB port so the modem didn't work. I called tech support and they said I didn't buy the modem. He did not give me the special they...