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Class 1 Autosports Complaints & Reviews

Class 1 Autosports / They provided me defective parts

Nov 06, 2015

I highly advise all people to stay away from Class 1 Autosports. I have bought some parts for my car from this company and it was defective, when I got it. I have thousands of dollars to change the part and get another one. But this company didn’t want to help me. They worked slowly and only emailed me when they needed money. It is the worst and completely unprofessional company, so don’t do business with them.

Class 1 Autosports / They sold me defective item

Nov 05, 2015

My experience with the company Class 1 Autosports was really bad. I have bought from them, but the item was defective from the beginning. I took photos of the item and sent to the seller. He responded that he wasn’t responsible and asked me to stop any further emails and photos. So, if you want to have problems with this company, don’t buy from these people.