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City Auto Wholesale Complaints & Reviews

City Auto Wholesale - Oregon / Dishonest car dealer

Jan 31, 2012

I purchased a 2008 Saturn Vue from this lot in Dec of 2011, and my Vue has been in the shop for a week now due to a busted seam that had been leaking for a very long time, prior to my purchase. I did not notice the leak due to the floor mats covering the pooling of water. I noticed the condensation on the windows and wasn't sure what it was from. Two weeks ago, I noticed about an inch or so of water pooling on the passenger side front floor. I vacuumed water from the floor for several days due to heavy rains we were receiving and called City Auto several times. Each time I spoke with...

City Auto Wholesale - Oregon, Milwaukie / Misrepresentatin and very poor customer service

Aug 26, 2011

I saw their billboard and I called and spoke with Jake in June 2011. I explained my cirucumstances and I was on unemployment. He said that should be no problem and after he ran my information he told me I was approved for a $9000 car loan. I went in a couple of days later. They asked me to fill out their form with all my information. I already given the information to Jake. I filled out the form. The sales person came back and he stated I was only approved to buy a couple of cars on the lot. One he would not even show me and a second one they had just received in. The windshield was cracked...

City Auto Wholesale - Oregon, Milwaukie / Dishonest Business Practice

Jun 28, 2011

Spent a day on the phone with City Auto Wholesales 'finance manager' JAKE working out pre-approval and current car's trade in value. Next day drove 30 miles to car lot only to find out the entire phone call was a SCAM. Jake is a telemarketer that was hired by City Auto Wholesale to tell people anything to get them to the car lot and isn't there (you will be told to ask for JAKE when you get to the lot). Also, I only saw maybe 3 cars that were on their website.. all of the cars I was interested in were NOT there. The cars on the website looked really nice, but about 95% of...

City Auto Wholesale - Oregon, Gladstone / Misrepresentation


I spoke with Jake through the ad he posted on Craigslist for City Auto Wholesale. We went through the whole credit application and over my credit in detail. He took 45 mins to "talk to the finance company" and called back to say we were approved for $7K, but the bank wanted us to come to finish purchase that day. We explained we lived 2 hours away and stressed the importance of our time not being wasted. We brought all necessary paperwork and showed up only to find he was not there, he doesn't even work at the lot, only sending leads there via internet/phone. The salesman then proceeded...

City Auto Wholesale - Oregon, Milwaukie / Terrible service!


We went to City Auto Wholesale around 2 weeks ago and purchased a 1993 Acura Integra from Chuck. We were merely looking for a second vehicle to get us around, that we could pay off quickly and use while we reestablished our credit. The day we purchased the car, the battery was dead. They told us it had been sitting for a while and there was nothing wrong. We trusted them. The car seemed alright. It has high miles, but Acuras are very reliable cars. The car seemed like it had been well taken care of - clean, no major visible damage, seemed sound in both appearance and ride. Today my husband wa...