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Citicards Complaints & Reviews

Citicards / Citicards making fun of customers?

Dec 2, 2012

I sent customer service the following email, and got the most irrelevant answer. Who is writing the responses? They even say they "value my business". This is simply ridiculous. Here is my email, followed by the funny response: Hi, I am currently and actively using my citi credit card. However I am planning to apply for a new credit card to transfer my balance from a personal loan outside from another credit union. I would like to take advantage of 0% intro APR for balance transfers offered with many credit cards out there in the market. Before moving onto other banks, I want to see what...

Citicards / Card canceled after 13 years of paying bill on time

Feb 25, 2011

I have had a credit card for 13 years with citicards & today got a letter saying that they were not going to have us as clients, due to something on our credit that has nothing to do with this account. So it does not matter how my relationship with the company has been they now can assume that do to a medical bill I am not going to take care of other business, this is not proper business & I know this because of owning 2 of them, it makes me look bad when I've done nothing wrong!!!

Citicards - New Jersey / Charging Excessive fees & Interest on a closed account


I paid off my balance and closed the account on July 1, 2009. For the past 2 weeks I am getting calls that my payment is past due, so I called them and they told me it was residual finance charges, the agent I talked to said she would put through a credit for this outstanding amount. IT WAS DENIED!!! They never communicated that to me, and the phone calls started again this time the agent I spoke with told me I owed the interest on the statement that I PAID OFF! They said is was normal credit card practices to charge the final interest after the balance is paid off because they do not know how...

Citicards - Ohio, Columbus / Awful bank


I have had this credit card for many years. My apr has always been 9.99%. Today I received my bill, my interest rate had gone up from 9.99% to 14.99. I have never been late with payments, always paid on time. I use to pay $300.00 a month now because of my higher apr it's gone up to $340.00 a month. Instead of banks charging those who make late payments, the banks have decided due to bad economic times that those who have excellent payments history have to become victims of higher Apr's without prior notification. They claim they notified me, they never sent me anything of the sort...

Citicards / Shyster credit card


Citicards, Texas. I have had the extreme misfortune of getting involved with Citicards. I applied for and received a Citicard MasterCard around October of last year, lured by the lie of 0% interest for a year and a moderately decent credit limit. I paid monthly and on-time, but was one day late back in March. At which time, I was hit with 32% interest! For being one day late. If that wasn't enough, I started getting the phone calls. At home, at work--which I quickly put a stop to, informing them that they were not allowed to call me at my place of employment under my protection in the Fair...