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Ciders Haven Cattery Complaints & Reviews

Ciders Haven Cattery / Beware of this Kitten Factory

Jun 08, 2012

This cattery is owned by a 26-year-old breeder with no real job. She keeps making tons of kittens every couple months for money. She breeds her female cats excessively, at least each female cat twice a year, very soon after they wean off babies. She also purchased a older proven female cat last year who should be pet out from breeding, yet she continued to use her for breeding. This cattery had produced very sick kittens in the past and breeders are breeding same parent cats without warning new buyers. Do more research of this cattery before putting down a deposit, do not fall for pictures, videos, fancy website, or "friendly" advertising words of the breeder.

Ciders Haven Cattery / FIP Loss

Dec 26, 2011

We lost a black and white female Persian kitten from Ciders Haven Cattery a month ago. RIP dear kitten in Heaven. We're greatly disappointed by the breeder Janae on how she handled the loss. Poor communication & lack of support.. FIP is a nearly 100% fatal illness & related to weak cell-mediated immunity which has strong genetic component. Janae only wants to replace us a kitten from exact same parents, meaning same genetics.. We're not going to accept this risky replacement for sure. She ignored the expert vet articles we sent her regarding FIP studies & prevention in kittens. She said she...