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CIC Credit Monitoring Complaints & Reviews

CIC Credit Monitoring / Unauthorized access to bank account for credit reports


Please find below the certified letter I sent to CIC Credit Monitoring who is also Experian and have those niffty comercials They only supply a fax number and a P.O. Box number for Consumer Relations which is where you are directed if you have a dispute. They have not responed and are still taking out money from my account, and have been doing so for over a year. February 10, 2009 CIC Credit Monitoring Attn: Consumer Relations P.O. Box 19729 Ervine, CA 02623-9729 Re: Incident # 836091-54 Incident # 753372-02 CIC Credit Monitoring, Please find enclosed copies of my bank...

CIC Credit Monitoring / unauthorized credit card charge


This company used a promotion of free credit score analysis online. Aparently somewhere in "fine print" there was a 30 day cancellation phrase which went unnoticed. The service was never used nor was the service needed. $9.95 was charged to my credit card for four months before I noticed. The company will not refund nor are they even polite. This is a ridiculous practice which should not be allowed to continue. I can just imagine how many others have been ripped off by this unethical company!

CIC Credit Monitoring / Scam artists!


Oh. My. God. My dear roommate unwittingly signed us up for this service and within 30 days (Per their instructions) i called to cancel it. The woman on the phone actually said that the account had been canceled/closed and that no further charges would be accrued. And wouldn't you know it, i proceeded to spot $60.00 worth of "cic" charges on my credit card within the following month. They are liars and thieves. Do not use cic.

CIC Credit Monitoring / Unauthorized charges on bank account!


My son was arrested and in jail when he asked me to check on his bank account for him. I noticed that there were charges to his account from CIC Credit Monitoring that appeared on his account. Monthly fees of $9.95 and one month CIC Credit Monitoring charged him $19.90. It was about a month after he was placed in jail that charges from CIC Credit Monitoring appeared on his account and he does not know where these are coming from. I have contacted the bank and they have said that they will look into it.

CIC Credit Monitoring / Rip off - being charged to &Free& service!


I was having credit problems and needed to get a copy of my credit report, so I went to to get this "free" report. This was a cite that my attorney recommended. It said to give my VISA number, so I could be charged a $1.00 fee. I got the report, but a month later, I get charged $9.49 for "credit report monitoring", which I didn't need. I have called every month for the past six months to get this stopped. They refuse to do so and I get charged every month. The only recourse I have is to get a new bank card with a new number, which is extremely inconvenience. These people are fraud and need to be run out of business.

CIC Credit Monitoring / Charging my credit card without my permission


They are charging my credit card without my permission. How can I stop this and get my money back? Advise smb!

CIC Credit Monitoring / CIC Credit Monitoring Service Experian consumer fraud!


I applied for a "free" credit report and was able to recieve it. However, my original attempt at cancelling it was futile. I was charged several months in a row. I've called again and this time I received e-mail confirmation that it had been cancelled. As a "courtesy" I will receive 1 months fee back ($12.00). This CIC Credit Monitoring is associated with both Lending Tree and Experian. The number I used to cancel this mess was 1-800-787-6864. It's taken me a couple of hours this morning to tend to this. I was given several numbers to call first. This all starts with...