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CBE group Inc Complaints & Reviews

CBE group Inc / Harassment

Nov 13, 2011

As I am beginning to notice while reading through the pages and pages of reviews on this company, each one more horrible than the next, I am not sure how they have not been shut down. I had a very similar experience to these other people, I was being called 3 or more times a day, sometimes as many as ten for the past week. They never left a message, so I never answered it. Anyone worth anything leaves a message if they really needed to call. However, I called the number back to find out what it was, assuming I would get some automated system, which was the case. Got through pretty quick to a...

CBE group Inc / Harrassment experts

Sep 2, 2011

This will be a letter to let you know that I have “:HAD IT” with your CBE GROUP harassment phone calla I am 61 years old and I know a few things. One is that third pary “bill collectors” have n0 legal claims/rights/entitlements in a court of law. I have been harassed by you for much too long and I am now letting you know that enough is enough! I’ve been thru this with many other harassment experts and NONE have succeded in collecting a dime from me You are hereby notified that I have “Had It!” I will now join any and all campaigns to expose you ###s ...

CBE group Inc / Stay away

Aug 26, 2011

CBE group is trying to collect a Alltel cell phone bill that I DO NOT OWE. I had settled this last year. My dispute was being billed for something I did not owe. This was even stated by Alltel/Verizon in writing that They had cleared this debt out. I had another agency after that calling about the same thing. Again, I advised the debt had been cleared out. NOW I HAVE THESE Pains calling me and should not. I refuse to talk to them, I am tired of this. I DO NOT OWE THIS BILL!!

CBE group Inc / Worst collection agency group

Jun 27, 2011

My daughter sought emergency medical attention 1 year ago. At the time I provided her health insurance information to the physicians group. I have since provided it to CBE group 4 times. For whatever reasons the ###s at the physicians group and CBE group can't submit a bill to an insurance company with the correct information. Three times they typed the account number incorrectly and said the claim was denied. Then they entered the insurance carriers name incorrectly. Lastly they couldn't enter the DOB of the policy holder the correct way. Instead they call me twice a week for 9...

CBE group Inc / Harrassment

Jun 19, 2011

I first heard from CBE group 3 months ago. At that time, I was advised that a letter would be sent to me along with statements from the credit card company showing when and where my card was used. I had not used that card for about 2 years, and I knew the number had been stolen and used by someone with the company (not CBE, but the credit card company). The letter and statements never arrived, and I received another call about a month later. Again, statements were promised but never arrived, but a letter demanding payement from CBE group did arrive. I answered in writing to them about the use...

CBE group Inc / Pure ignorance

Jun 8, 2011

I like many others have been receiving phone calls 3 times a day for a very long time. This has happened twice with the last phone # I had. After learning that they had the wrong phone # and was asked very politely to please remove my # from their list, the calls continued to come. And now several months later, after changing my phone number, I again am receiving the calls. This time for a different person. I know a lot about the collection laws because I use to be a collector myself. However a very respectful one at that. I never, in all my adult life have ever been treated so...

CBE group Inc / There is no option for telling them that they have the wrong number


Does anyone know how to contact this company? I have gone to their website and called several different numbers. They cannot be contacted via e-mail and all I ever get from their customer service numbers are recordings and dead air. I have been getting daily calls for months."This message is for (so and so) if you are not (so and so) hang up now. By continuing to listen to this confidential message you are claiming to be (so and so)" Then my voicemail cuts them off or I have already hung up. There is no option for telling them that they have the wrong number! I am not the person they are looking...

CBE group Inc / Got the run around when asked to talk to a supervisor


I received a call from "Lisa" with CBE group and she wanted me to verify my address. I told her I wanted to know who CBE group was before I gave out my address, she said until I "verify" my address that she could not tell me anything. I repeatedly told her I was not telling my address until I knew who I was giving it to. She said there was nothing else she could do for me. I called the number back and asked to speak to a supervisor, and I got the run around from the person who answered the phone and said until I told them my address they could not tell me anything else.Finally I got to speak...

CBE group Inc / Harassing phone calls


CBE group called my new cell phone number. I called them back only to get an automated response then a human came on the line without identifying himself. After asking what company he works for he mentioned CBE group. I asked what CBE Group is and he was belligerent! I finally got an answer from him on who he the call was for and it was not for me! I asked that he remove my number from their list. If I see the same number on my cell I want to know who or what agency to call to report harassing calls from this company!

CBE group Inc / Fraud alert


I recieved a letter from CBE Group the same day my company did and the letter to my company stated that they have the right to garnishment my pay at 15% of my disposable pay but the amount they told my company that I had to pay was $45, 854.95 and I also received a letter the same day and it stated that I had a balance of $29, 812.99 Way too much...I only have a balance of $12, 545.43 at least as far as the U.S. Department OF EDUCATION tells me. So why do you want more than 3 times the amount?

CBE group Inc / Scam


I've been there as well, but what I'm trying to figure out is, who and what are these people, they can be from these EARTH, because it takes certain kind of people to sit at a phone and call people a person and speak to them as if they are not human. Next thing is, How in Gods name do they think they will accomplish anything by there actions. No wonder they are hurting. Probably on the verge of Bankruptcy. Also, people are train by either the owner or someone under them. Can you imagine the training class...A BIG JOKE.