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Cazpurr Bengals Complaints & Reviews

Cazpurr Bengals - North Carolina, Beaufort / North Carolina Breeder

Nov 14, 2011

This is not a complait but a post to say that Linda Johnson is one of the cleanest and put together breeders that I know or have ever known. I have been dealing with Linda for some time now and I just love her cats and have had several.. Love to go to the shows with her ... Lots of fun times and get togethers. I would buy from her time and time again. She lives by the Ocean on the east coast of North Carolina and I am proud to know her. I just had a litter from the male I bought from her and they are stunning. I guess people can complain all over about one other but this breeder their is nothing to complain about. Give her a call if you are looking for a nice kittens for pet or breeder. Rebecca Mize


Jun 15, 2011

I, too, have had a HORRIBLE experience with you Linda Johnson...and this is JUST THE BEGINNING of my returning the misery you have caused me and my family. You backed out on our entire deal and said you would return my $800 IN FULL, and I have only received $500. I will CONTINUE to be in contact with the Better Business Bureau, TICA, TIBCS, Cat Hobbyist, Facebook, etc etc etc and every single connection you have Linda...not only have you played with our money and our heads, you created GREAT upset for my children who, after sitting in your cat room and seeing how I presented the two kittens to...

Cazpurr Bengals - North Carolina, Beaufort / THIEF and LUNATIC

Jun 15, 2011

I wish I had done research about this lunatic before handing over any money for Bengal kittens. I contacted Linda Johnson this past January, 2011, after deciding to get my daughter a Bengal cat since we live in a co-op and are not allowed to have a dog. Initially she was extremely nice, and was fast to talk contracts & for me to send a deposit on two litters that were due in March. I wanted a male, which was agreed. Come the first litter mid-March, she says there was only a single male available and it was going to someone before me but that she had females to select from. I said I wa...