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Carmen Kwasny Complaints & Reviews

Carmen Kwasny / carmen kwasny

Sep 25, 2017

Carmen Kwasny claims to be a Lakota pipe keeper and keeper of the Lakota sweat lodge she said the sweat lodge was given to her and her alone by the great-grandfather Carmen Kwasny is now forbidden all people and the Lakota from doing the sweat lodge The Sacred White Buffalo Calf Woman came to Carmen Kwasny and gave the Lakota Sacred Pipe to her alone Carmen Kwasny said she an Oglala Lakota Headsman and Spiritual Elder Seven Sacred Rites of the Lakotah Oyate now belong to Carmen Kwasny she selling sweatlodge and other wild things in Germany

Carmen Kwasny / carmen kwasny

Jul 30, 2017

Carmen Kwasny told me that she was a Lakota medicine woman she calls herself Carmen eagle but after I paid 85 euro to attend her sweat lodge I found out her only a white German woman pretending to be a Lakota Indian she, not a true Lakota and she only took me to her sweat lodge in Katzweiler to beat me out of my money.others at sweat lodge told me she was an Indian in her past life

Carmen Kwasny / claims to be a lakota spiritually, leader in germany, stop misuse of native american spirituality and ceremonies

Jun 07, 2017

Carmen Kwasny claims to be a Lakota spiritually, leader in Germany and has formed her own Native American Indian tribe currently, she networking through a non-profit association in Germany to promote herself has a Lakota medicine woman she started a Facebook page Stop Misuse of Native American Spirituality and Ceremonies so that she would not have any competition in the selling of her native American Indian Ceremonies the Facebook page was set up has her tool to wipe out the German competition so she could condor the market has a medicine...