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Carmen De Callada Complaints & Reviews

Carmen De Callada - Oregon / Bill for a service not rendered


Responded to a FREE psychic reading and all of a sudden I'm getting billed for a service I did not receive. No only that, I was gone on vacation and when I came back, I was billed a late payment fee! Sounds like a con job to me. I will enter a complaint to the better business bureau. I believe an investigation into this person's activities should be initiated by all who have been taken by this person.

Carmen De Callada - Wisconsin / fee for nothing


I received a past due stating I owed Carmen de Callada for a so called reading, which I never got because I refused to pay any money and now she is stating she sent me this and is threatening to turn me over to collections for payment. For one thing She spelled my last name wrong, which if she was a true astrologer she would have known this. Signed Very upset

Carmen De Callada - Ontario, fort erie / psychic


They just keep sending me letters and always asking for money. I am 65 years old and I am not rich. I would like eso-world to stop sending me there scam mail. And to stop harrasing old folk like me. Thank you. redge krause.