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Cardtronics Inc Complaints & Reviews

Cardtronics Inc / I requested $500, but got only $300 and I needed to wait 35 days to get my money back

Dec 03, 2015

Don’t use Cardtronics Inc. I have used their ATM machines and there were no problems before. I used it, because they didn’t take fee for the withdrawals. I went to one of the machines and requested $500. I knew exactly that I had $630 on my account. The machine gave me only $300. When I checked my online account, I found out that they took $500. I called to their customer services and the lady said that they would investigate it within 35 days. Awful services.

Cardtronics Inc / Machine ate my money and card

Jul 20, 2014

I recently had the worst experience, ‘coz I went to withdraw money from Cardtronics Inc, but these machines didn’t give me money. It ate money and card as well. I tried to reach their customer services, but no one picked the phone. I tried several times but nothing. I was really disappointed in the services, so please, post comments about your experience with them. Share this info, so maybe it will help other people as well.