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Cancun Travel Unlimited Complaints & Reviews

Cancun Travel Unlimited - California / Selling Cancun Vacation


Last May 25, 2010 a Filipina call center agent named Sarah called my house number selling Cancun Travel Unlimited Packages ---- I do not know how they got my numbers. The package is $2500 but giving me 75% discount -- or about $698 for a 7days and 6 nights Laguna Suite Hotel. The customer service number is 1-888-2384817. When I asked if they are a registered US company the agent hung up the phone. This only shows that this company selling Sunset Group of Hotels is a BIG SCAMMER!!! I hope you are able to track down this company. I did a research and this agents are based out of Philippine...

Cancun Travel Unlimited / Scam


DON'T GET SCAMMED BY CANCUN TRAVEL UNLIMITED!!! We recieved a vacation from this company and were told the only thing not included was the flight. Once we booked the flight, they asked us if we wanted all inclusive. All of the brochures and paper work that came with our package stated all inclusive. They told us that our package was for accomidations only and that it would be $99.00 per night, per person for all inclusive!!! That would bring our grand total for the flight and vacation up to $3000.00!!! And we would have to sit through a 90 minute presentation!. They will not give us our...

Cancun Travel Unlimited / misrepsentation scam


They lied to us and asked us to lie then charged a 899.00 charge to our credit card. Costomer service was very unprofessional, they hung up on us and refused to give us back a refund telling us it was our fault for letting them have the credit card number and if we could not afford it for us to get a job.We are going to proceed with legal action they shold not be allowed to get away with doing this to people.