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BULLDOGS Complaints & Reviews

BULLDOGS - Texas, Blue Ridge / Jane

Mar 20, 2013

Valorquest sold me 20 month old pup who arrived sick, vomiting and couldnt walk for a week. Come to find out jim caraway the breeder carried jane the bulldog to the airline, and vet because she couldnt walk on her own. I had jane examined within a couple days of having her. They found she was sick and that it is illegal to ship a sick animal, which means valorquest vet falsified a health certificate. I tried to send jane back but she was too sick to get a health certificate for. As soon as I received jane I called jim caraway and shayne forrest, I told them jane was sick and they hung up on...

BULLDOGS / Carlos and Nancy Nieto


Carlos and Nancy Nieto sold us a puppy that was not well. They mislead us about the medicine they gave us and were mad when we took the puppy to the vet. 2 days later we had to euthenize the poor puppy because she had Parvo virus. They then were mad because we didn't take her to the humane society to be euthenized. They told us, when we bought her we would get the AKC papers in the mail. They provided neither a health certificate nor the AKC papers which are required to be provided at the TIME of the SALE--not later! As we later found out from our vet and State web sites. They told us the...

BULLDOGS - Pennsylvania, Waynesboro / neglest of bulldogs


Tammy moats was told to not breed her bulldog, because of a genetic defect could carry it into the pups. but despite of that she needed money because her friend candee golliday was suporting her children, buying their clothes ect. candee golliday felt compelled to take care of her because she had had nothing( according to candee golliday, also candee said she told her over and over again not to breed the dog, recently she found out she bred the dog, also candee said she was an idiot and producing a terrible line of bulldogs, also candee stated she would never give her the paperwork on the dog, but if she bashed me she would, thats why tammy moats is making up lies about me...