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BrightHouse Complaints & Reviews

BrightHouse / I wouldn't recommend any one to be come a customer to even work for the company

Aug 3, 2012

I am currently a member of staff at Bright House and i put everything into working for the company always was willing to take over time hours, then we got a new manager and my hours got taken off me, then we get a new starter and then suddenly am not good enough he has been given full time hours and he dosent know what he is doing, so i ask my manager how long he is staying full time and she replys only for the time being then i find out he has been contracted to FULL time hours. he has been with the company for 4 months and because he is close to the manager he gets away with everything. with...

BrightHouse - Florida, Tampa / service

Feb 6, 2012

Bright House NEVER gets back to me regarding service issues and even trying to expand my services! I simply want to add to my services, and find out if they can "port" a cell number to a land line number and I get NO RESPONSE!! They are "supposedly" the winner of some customer service award EVERY year, yet no one I know is happy with their service. I have called several times only to be left on hold for almost an hour, never getting an "actual" person; I have emailed three times, NO RESPONSE! I even emailed the president of the Tampa branch, (supposedly, he gets it) and STILL NO RESPONSE!! A...

BrightHouse / Bad customer service

Jul 28, 2011

I have had BH for a year and their customer service is terrible. I just moved and called on July 3 to have service transferred. They were 4 hours late to connect new service, promised their credit and it wasn't on the bill. I called, they said deduct the $20 so I did. My next bill showed I was 2 months late!! Turns out after 49 minutes of being on hold, BH "forgot" to turn off service at the old house and apologized they would remove those charges. Now I got another late charge, I called 22 minutes on hold, spoke to a supervisor, explained AGAIN, and he said, well you have to pay since it was still connected!!!????

BrightHouse / customer service

Apr 18, 2011

i bought bedroom furniture from brighthouse last year and was very dissapointed when my goods were delivered damaged, it took over a month to get them replaced and in that time i was harrassed by the staff every day for payment of damaged goods.i refused to pay as i was not goin to buy damaged goods, your staff in bedford have continually harrased me to the point that i have returned the goods they have made me ill with their harrasment. can you not teach your staff what customer service is many of my friends have had the same problems i would never recomend your company to anyone not even my...

BrightHouse - Florida, Orlando / Poor Customer Service

Mar 30, 2011

For the past 15 months we have had problems with audio and video reception on our TV. Attempts by Brighthouse to resolve = total failure. How they tried to fix problem is worse. When you call them you must completely describe problem to cust. svc. rep. She in turn schedules a tech but you must wait at home for a 3 to 6 hour period to accommodate the schedule of the Brighthous Tech. To date we have spent over 68 hours of our time waiting form and hosting techs. Each claimed they "fixed the problem" (which incidently is a Brighthouse problem not the anything the customer did wrong). To add salt...

BrightHouse - Florida / Will not honor rebate

Mar 21, 2011

The bridgevine business is nothing but a scam to sign up for internet service. They do not honor the rebates even though they are legitimate. I have all the documentation they requested and they will not send the rebate. THEY HAVE TOLD ME SINCE oCTOBER OF 2010 THAT THAT i HAD ALL THE DOCUMENTATION AND THAT THE REBATE IS ON ITS WAY. Do not believe or do any busines with Bridgevine, offerwire or Brighthouse they are all in this scam together

BrightHouse / Crappy Laggy Internet

Mar 3, 2011

I just moved to lakeland florida from idaho and had to get internet service, i wanted to get comcast as i had previously had it in west palm beach when i lived in florida before. i've had this roadrunner lightning crap for about two months now and i am enraged at how slow and laggy the connection is, every other time i click on something it says "Not Responding" or it just loses connection altogether, how can i lose connection? i have a friggin PC and a cable box?! i've had bright house technicians look into the connection spee... twice!!! and each time they said it was fine and...

BrightHouse - Florida, Orlando / service interruptions


Too many service interruptions. Cable, phone, and web out for 2 hours today, and 3 hours yesterday. Outages are far too common - several per month. High speed internet is not always fast. Cable boxes have to be reset 1-2 times per week when they lock up. Cable boxes take too long to change channels - not enough processing power in them.

BrightHouse / Bad service


Brighthouse networks of Central Florida is scamming customers with their timeguard "insurance". I've had timeguard for years since switching from Directv to Brighthouse. I was told that timeguard would cover all cable replacement from house corner to tv's. Now I'm told "NO", it doesn't really cover anything. Except if you call service for a problem with your equipment, not theirs. Duh, why would I call them about a problem with my TV's? In a phone call with them they said it only covers their equipment, but I didn't need timeguard for that. But in their timeguard...

BrightHouse / I have never experienced such shoddy shoddy service


I have never experienced such shoddy shoddy service!!! How dare you call yourself an internet provider. Last Wednesday evening my net went down. Its never worked right...up and down all the time. I've called so many times. You do your best not send someone out to my home to save yourself money. I called last week, Thurs morning to put in a work order. After having to go through a whole rig a ma roll with your foriegn tech specialist, who by they way I cannot understand, and who does not understand what I'm saying...I was transferred to someone else, then someone else, then someone...

BrightHouse / This company has incompetent workers


I sent an e mail yesterday and got no response. Your service tech came today. He was not friendly and obviously didn't want to be working on Easter. I asked if he was putting in a new box and he said he only had refurbished boxes. After he finished, I asked him if the remote was set and he said yes. I asked him if the delay on our other box was normal, he said yes and left. I tried the replacement unit and the remote did not work. Called your company and after they ran thru some tests, determined that the box was not good and I needed a new one. YOUR COMPANY HAS INCOMPETANT PEOPLE!!! I asked that...

BrightHouse / Worst ever


Bright-house is not only the worst in service and customer service i have ever experienced, it is the worst EXPERIENCE i have ever had to endure. Bright-house was always a big black could hanging over my head everyday for two *** years. My Internet would cut out every 10 mins for about 5 mins then come back on. This proved very problematic as one could imagine. Technician after technician came out and all of those pompous incompetent *** offs claimed that they had fixed the problem. "Just a bad wire." or "Whoever was out here last really messed this up." or "the signal from the tap is bad."...

BrightHouse - Florida, Orlando / Service shut down w/out warning


Brighthouse has just shut down my service entirely (phone, cable, internet) without any warning, twice now! It was down for over an hour. Luckily I have a cell phone, but what about those people without? They couldn't even call 911. This company is out for its customers blood

BrightHouse / Fraud and scam


I am a 63 year old married male, Native, Vietnam Veteran, married 40 years, in reasonably good health and sound mind. I am self-employed data base Application Programming and am fairly adept at technology. When I was a kid, (1958 here in Daytona Beach, Florida), Cable TV was coming and it was going to be commercial FREE, the catch was you had to PAY for it once a advance forward 50 years, you pay an average of $80.00 a month for it and every HOUR of Cable TV you watch 30 minutes ONE HALF OF EVERY HOUR of it is ADVERTISING, of which 11-12 mins of the 30 minutes is BrightHouse s own...

BrightHouse / Nothing but problems


I have Brighthouse and I have a package deal with them. It includes Tv, phone and cable, w my ph I had voice mail. Well my bill fell behind and they shut my service off. I payed the bill and got the service turnd back on, but they told me I have to pay for voice mail now sense it got shut off and I was no longer able to have it w the package. How can u take away a service from a package deal because I was late on the bill and it got shut off. I have nothing but problems w these people and I hate there company..

BrightHouse - Alabama, Bessemer / Internet and cable


Moved into a new home june 2008. found out the only internet service available was Brighthouse. Till then, i had never used them. After my 1st year with them; I wish i never heard of them! My internet goes out 2 or 3 times a day! Seriously, 2 or 3 times a day, everyday! I call about once a week and file a complaint and they tell me to unplug equipment and reset it. They have a sent a technician to my home about 6 times in 1 year. The last time he came out, he took a look around and did something and it started working. He said he thought he fixed it and left. The next day, the internet died...

BrightHouse - Florida, Palm Coast / Over charged by 500


I am so sick of Brighthouse! We moved here to Florida May 19th of 08, and before we moved we had called them to hook us up. They were 5 days late on doing so! Then they had told us that our bills were only $149.00 with everything that I have which is, Internet, Basic Cable (so 70 channels), and phone. We get bills twice a month asking for over $500.00. The bill I recieved today was $530.00, I have NEVER missed a payment, but when I call them they say that there is nothing they can do, that we have to pay for the previous people who had the phone number. It has been like that since we moved...

BrightHouse - Florida, New Port Richey / slam/cram


I had an issue with my cable box so I called customer service to get the problem resolved. Because we were not turning our TV and cable box off in the right sequence it caused a problem. (gee never was told there was a proper way to turn off my tv and cable box) While I had "customer service" on the phone I thought I would ask how much it would be if we added phone and internet to our package. She gave me a price and I advised her that I would get back to her, I was just researching prices. This call was on Friday night. On Tuesday afternoon I go to log on to my computer and find my internet...