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Bright Forest Technology — rm williams boots

I purchased a pair of Black RM Williams Boots only to receive a crappy ring. They are refusing to refund me as they say that at least I received some goods and I should cut my loss and accept the ring. Ummm no thanks. I have had emails back and forth for weeks and they still haven't refunded me. This company are absolute scammers! Do not purchase from

Clothing, Shoes & Acc  · Jul 04, 2019

Bright Forest Technology — wayer wall magazine holder metal magazine rack

I purchased a magazine wall rack from Link here: What arrived was a fake Gucci scarf. They offered to pay me back 45% of the purchase cost, but they were clearly scammers and I thought it best not to give them any bank details. Absolute scammers.

Scam & Fake Checks  · Jul 02, 2019

Bright Forest Technology — clarks shoes - fake outlet store site

Directed from an ad on facebook I bought shoes from a cloned site, yes it looked 100% genuine, received a fake scarf from China and an offer of a 30% refund as the goods I purchased were no longer in stock and they had mixed up the delivery. Con artist! Fraud? Scam? no apparently it's a dispute. So I recently bought shoes from what appeared to be a Clarks outlet store and received a fake designer scarf by 'mistake'. Turns out the same company have done this for non existent goods from RM Williams, Nike, Sketchers, Asics, Hunter, Kitchenaid, Oroton & Bose all with links from facebook or...

Clothing, Shoes & Acc  · May 20, 2019

Bright Forest Technology — boots

I ordered 2 pairs of R.M. Williams boots. I paid for them & after a month received a pair of fake Gucci sunglasses worth $12 according to the packaging. These were sent from chen jian in Guandong China. This was not the company I ordered them from or I would have looked them up before paying. The money ($100.44 Singapore dollars) was paid to Bright Forest Technology Singapore. A total scam obviously.

Online Scams  · May 20, 2019

Bright Forest Technology — incorrect product sent

I ordered an Oroton Bag and Purse via a website in Word With Friends 2. I had confirmation from [protected] that my money had been taken on 7 April 2019 by Bright Forest Technology and gave me a tracking number. When parcel arrived with correct tracking number it contained a small cheap bracelet. I have contacted these people many times who insist they cannot refund my money, have offered 50% so far only.

1 comments Scam & Fake Checks  · May 16, 2019

Bright Forest Technology — asic running shoes

I ordered a pair of Asics running shoes on the 8th April 2019. I paid the asking price of €74-03 by credit card. I was sent a cheap imitation cap instead. When I emailed to enquire I was told very sorry for the mix up and offered 38% of the money I had paid. I still have not received even this. This is a fraudulent company. Their website has disappeared.

Clothing, Shoes & Acc  · May 14, 2019

Bright Forest Technology — r m williams boots

On the 8th April 2019 I ordered a pair of RM Williams boots from this company from an add on face book. The money has been taken from my account and I haven't heard a thing about my purchase. I would like my order cancelled and money returned. I was charged $63.41 Australian dollars. Not happy with the service at all. Add no longer appears on my Facebook feed now.

Scam & Fake Checks  · May 12, 2019

Bright Forest Technology — boots not received

Ordered 3 pairs of Clarks boots costing £80. Was sent confirmation of order and payment from a company confirming I'd paid in Singapore dollars 119.67. Then another email confirmation from [protected] saying I'd paid US$82.64 for the same goods. This is obviously a scam, I clicked on a Facebook link (stupidly). I am about to ring my card provider to see if there's anything I can do to get my money back as this is fraud. I'm very angry that I was so stupid to be conned and furious that these crooks seem to be still 'trading'. All looked legit took me to an official...

2 comments Clothing, Shoes & Acc  · May 11, 2019

Bright Forest Technology — purchase not send - hunter boots & coat

(Sorry for my english. I speak french.) On avril 4th 2019, I buy 5 Hunter items via Instagram. 70% off... But I have a problem with my purchase. I am supposed to receive those items : Product Information: Women´s Original Midlayer Jacket, 1, Women´s Original Insulated Pac Boot, 1, Original Kids Gloss Wellington Boots, 1, Women´s Original Short Refined Gloss Wellington Boots, 1, Women´s Norris Field Short Wellington Boots But I received a fake Gucci scarf. I call my credit card company and they contest the purchase. I send a email and I receive this : (after I foins the complaint...

Online Shopping  · May 09, 2019

Bright Forest Technology — ordered oroton muse handbag, received cheap fake bracelet

A Facebook advertisement came up in my feed for discounted Oroton handbags from an American site that imitated an Oroton distributor. Not until review of my credit card statement did I see payment was taken by Bright Forest Technology in Singaporean dollars via iPassPay, then I suspected an issue. I sought out the company to ask where delivery was. And they responded from what appears to be a myriad of email addresses in the format of [protected] I received a fake, cheap metal bracelet from Guangdong Province, China, and did not even connect it to this order until a...

2 comments Clothing, Shoes & Acc  · May 09, 2019

Bright Forest Technology — product not given - no details emailed or sent

I purchased 2 mimco bags off a sale site on Facebook on 10/04/19 The two bags were on sale and up to 70% off. I have put in my credit card details and they have deducted - $113.15 for the product and $3.39 Foreign Currency fee. I entered in all my details including a email, credit card and address to send the bags to and never received an email confirming or anything - money vanished and I would like my money refunded. Regards Shea Hancock

Clothing, Shoes & Acc  · May 08, 2019

Bright Forest Technology — rm williams boots

I sent a payment of $51.44 SGD for a pair of RM Williams boots, this Came up on my FB feed and appeared totally legitimate. To date I have not received any correspondance from the company or the boots but I have received some fake ring from China, reading the other complaints I can see this is a common thread and actually a scam. How can I get my money back or the boots?

1 comments Retail Stores  · May 07, 2019

Bright Forest Technology — skechers womens shoes

On the 3rd April I ordered a pair of Womens Sketchers Shoes that popped up on my Facebook, the company was suppose to be Australian, received a confirmation email with a payment number and later an Tacking no. Never received my Shoes but received a cheap fake ring instead I paid $46.50 Australian for a fake piece of crap. I have emailed the company and no response, rang Australian post and they can't do anything about it cause a parcel with that tracking number was actually delivered to my address (yes the cheap ring). If anyone can help on how I can get a refund it would be much appreciated, I cant believe that someone can get away with this and why can't Facebook remove them?

Scam & Fake Checks  · May 07, 2019

Bright Forest Technology — received imitation scarf instead of designer handbags that I had paid for.

On 4th April 2019, I ordered two Oroton bags online ($AUD 120.87) from what appeared to be a genuine website. The site had come through on Facebook in my feed. I became suspicious when I received a confirmation on the screen, which said I would get a confirmation email but that never arrived. So I have no way of contacting the company to chase up my order. Because of this I immediately cancelled my credit card, but by then the money had been taken out. Last week out of the blue a cheap copy Louis Vuitton scarf arrived from China, no invoice or details were inside . My bank wants evidence that...

Online Shopping  · May 04, 2019

Bright Forest Technology — clarkes shoes

I ordered 3 pairs of what appeared to be Clarkes shoes from what appeared to be a Clarkes site from an advert in facebook. I paid by credit card I received an email saying the charge would be from Forest Bright Technology. I had to pay a customs charge before the parcel was released. The package from China that said it had 3 items, it actually contained one piece of material not 3 pairs of shoes. I would like a refund.

Scam & Fake Checks  · May 04, 2019

Bright Forest Technology — unethical behaviour

Ordered Lego Buggatt Chiron from this company. Received a small box to build a small elephant. On complaining was told the shipping company had mixed up packages. Tried to resend but item allegedly out of stock. Was asked to return but I would have to pay shipping fee or I could keep it for a 30% refund. There last communication informed me to keep item for a 38% refund. Still waiting to hear from them as I asked for 100% refund and if they want the small elephant back the will have to pay the shipping cost.

Scam & Fake Checks  · May 02, 2019

Bright Forest Technology — product ordered not received

I ordered two Oroton bags online from what appeared to be a genuine website. The site had come through on Facebook in my feed. Received a tracking site email but no receipt. Tracked correctly through to my home address but no bags, just a cheap copy scarf. My bank wants evidence that I have tried to resolve this with the company. This is my attempt to do so. I want my bags or my money back. If these complaints are being dealt with by a bona fide company, I expect a reply within a day or so. There is a Chinese company's name on the parcel sent. The next step will be for me to find an address for that company. I will need to cancel my credit card.

2 comments Clothing, Shoes & Acc  · Apr 29, 2019

Bright Forest Technology — : 2x selleys wash up wiz new wiz the safe scourer for daily use-original selleys,10

On 3032019 I ordered 20 Washup Wiz Scourers The information of the payment is below: Product Information: 2X Selleys Wash Up Wiz New Wiz The Safe Scourer For Daily Use-Original Selleys, 10 Payment No.:PS1903291320079670 Credit Card type:visa on 16/04 2019 a package arrived with a scarf ! in it and nothing else I have emailed them to correct the situation No response yet

Credit Cards  · Apr 28, 2019

Bright Forest Technology — rm williams boots

Purchased two pairs of RM Williams boots from an advertisement on Instagram. Site looked exactly the same as the RM Williams website but was Received order conformation & payment acknowledgement. Emails sent from [protected] with tracking details. Parcel arrived 3 weeks later but was a cheap imitation scarf. Payment made with Visa Card. Looks like i have been scammed.

4 comments Clothing, Shoes & Acc  · Apr 27, 2019

Bright Forest Technology — undelivered paid order

In the 7th of April 2019 I've placed the order 1286 (TID:284222, Payment No.PS1904071141451602), of 2 shirts, a hoodie and a T-shirt of Ralph Lauren brand. The estimated time for delivery was 7 days, but I haven't received any of the orders, and my VISA account was charged by BRIGHT FOREST TECHNOLOGY the same day I've placed the order Sent them 2 emails ([protected] asking for the products, but simply got no response. As I see, I'm not the only one that has been tricked. So, I would be pleased if You can help me to get my money back (71, 62€ = 69, 67€+1, 95€ taxes). Thank You. Nuno Manso

1 comments Online Shopping  · Apr 26, 2019