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Boswell Capital Group Complaints & Reviews

Boswell Capital Group - North Carolina, Wilmington / Loan Fraud


ATTENTION THE RECEIVING MONEYGRAM CENTERS USE CAMERAS IF THEY GET PICTURES OF THE PERSONS PICKING UP THE MONEY YOU GOT THEM. LETS GET THESE ###. REPORT TO IC3 and the Canadian gov cause that's more than likely were they are. <br /> <br /> I give my full name because I do not mind standing for justice. A young man in the State of Georgia will now lose his car if not helped due to this fraudulent bunch of bottom feeders. I will make a suggestion. If everyone that has the capability will do videos and post them on youtube asking anyone that has knowledge of this bunch to call a...

Boswell Capital Group - North Carolina, Wilmington / Complete Scam and Fraud


This company is a complete fraud. We have investigated them are dead set on taking them to the fullest extent of the law. The so called Peter White if it is his real name is certainly in my sites for prison. He joked with a victim after being asked how he could sleep at night by saying he drank milk and cookies. All said after scamming a young man of 26 out of his last 1600.00 dollars in hopes of getting a 5000.00 dollar loan in order t o keep his car and pay off bills in this rough economy. Now this young man will lose his car and who knows what else. We have filed FBI complaints and we have...

Boswell Capital Group - North Carolina, Wilmington / Scam


I received a call from Boswell Capital Group stating I could get a $5, 000.00 loan at 6% interest, I only had to MoneyGram a $900 security deposit to them and the loan money would be deposited into my account the next day. The next day came and there was no money in the account so I called the 'gentleman' by the name of Chad Hall who was handling the loan to see what was going on, but he did not know. He transferred me to his supervisor a guy by the name of Peter White who told they re-ran my credit and I would have to send them another $900.00 security deposit. I refused to do thi...