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Boot Man Inc. Complaints & Reviews

Boot Man Inc. - Louisiana, New Orleans / Boot on vehicle

Feb 17, 2017

The morning of February 15, 2017I was scheduled ride a Attack train. I arrived on the parking lot at 7:55am. Upon attempting to pay for a slot on the lot the machine stated it authorized my payment but would not give me a receipt to place on my dashboard. I went into the Attack station to get my tickets for my trip. I explained to the supervisor of the station.He gave me a print out and wrote two numbers to call...calls went straight to voice mail. I went back to the machine and attempted to pay with cash. It rejected the money on two attempts. At this point they began boarding the train. It...

Boot Man Inc. - Texas, Houston / Unjustified booting my car

Nov 10, 2011

This company is a scam! I parked, paid for my parking, and displayed the parking ticket on my dashboard. They still booted my car on the false pretense that... I don't know, they just made something up. I was completely and legally parked. I consider the $113.50 that I paid to recover my car and have the boot removed simply extortion. They do it because they can, a complete abuse of power. City of Houston and State of Texas, whichever licenses these guys, should cancel their license and make them return the money they took from hard working folks.