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Book Of The Month Club Complaints & Reviews

Book Of The Month Club - Pennsylvania, Camp Hill / refusal to cancel membership


Folks: Enough. I joined BMOC in Oct of 2009, paying for my initial shipment on Nov. 9, 2008. I fulfilled my purchase requirement with payment on January 6, 2009, and cancelled membership. You ignored the written request, and kept on sending books. I repeated the request in writing in March, sent a copy of the first letter, and said I would no longer return unsolicited packages. I relented in May, returned 2 packages, demanded that membership be terminated, and threatened to charge you for further contact. You ignored this. Wednesday, I returned three packages, and today I received another...

Book Of The Month Club - Wisconsin / Fraud


After ordering my first two books to fufill my four required, BOMC said that they do not qualify towards my required purchase. I inquired why and they said the order came not from their main selections, but from Bookspan, even though I searched through BOMC website. After I recieved the books, one of the back jackets said, "A Main Selection of the Book-Of-The-Month Club". I still did not get credit for this. So, to fufill my purchase so I could cancel, I ordered right from their suggestions on my next order. Again, I did not get credit. I have filed another complaint, but have not yet heard...

Book Of The Month Club - Pennsylvania, Harrisburg / say i owe $ from 2003


The book of the month club has posted a collection on my credit report saying I owe $63 from 2003. They posted it in collection on Feb 2009, and said in 6 years they couldn't verify they had the correct phone # or address to send me any correspondance. All though they did have my correct address and phone #. <br /> I think this is fraudulent and should be removed from my credit immediatly. In a 6 year period someone somewhere should of been able to contact me if this was really something I owed.<br /> Both of these companies should be reported to the BBB and not allowed to do this kind of stuff to people.

Book Of The Month Club / Fraud!


This site is a big fraud! First of all they sent me a bill for an offer that said 2 free vooks, and kept eating my head for payment. When i asked about it they said either return the books or pay off the bill and we will close your account. Bugged thoroughly, i said fine and paid off. then when i asked these people to cancel my account, they say that i am under a contract to buy 4 more books in next 2 years! are u guys for real? i mean, isnt there a limit toyour greed and dishonesty? I feel stupid for having paid off the earlier balance and am seriously contemplating taking them to a consumer court.

Book Of The Month Club - Pennsylvania, Mechanicsburg / Scam charges


Had built up a list of books but was not told that my former company ( was acquired by Book of the Month, which proceeded to scrub my list, but still charge me the monthly fees. When I asked when I might expect shipment Book of the Month said they would only ship the next book free, but that I would not get any credit for the several months they were charging me. In effect, it doesn't matter if you build your reading list. Book of the Month may delete the whole thing in order to rack up more monthly fees for themselves. Unless you are very vigilant by the time you realize you...