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Blinko Complaints & Reviews

Blinko / scamed

May 30, 2011

im on orange/ dolphin package and every month i top-up £5 which i always by the unlimited texts for a month to use in the UK, but this month i done every thing the same as i do every month and top-up by £5 pounds but when i tried to buy the unlimited texts for a month it said i didnt have enough credit so i looked at my balance and it was like only £2 so me not thinking much of it a toped up again by £5 tried activiating the unlimited texts again and it said i didnt have enough credit so when i phoned up orange thats when when they told me that this website called...

Blinko - Ohio / unsolicited charges


For the past 5 months my daughter's phone number has been charged a mysterious $16 charge for a service she did not agree to. under the downloads and media section - under the name Blinkogold. In fact, she was studying abroad and not even using this phone number. Complaints to ATT were well received and credits were made without too much negoitation. We even supposedly took steps to block such charges and yet, one appeared again. These guys are like cockroaches who won't go away. I am afraid to contact this "provider" for fear of additional charges being attached to one of our numbers. What can be done to stop these scammers?

Blinko / Big SCAM!


Not sure what type business it is, I called to cancel immediately after “signing up”, still being charged for their services, which I am not getting and don’t want, you cannot talk to anyone, all communication is via touch tone phone and email. Alltel has not been any help to this point. Big SCAM!!!!!!! Stay away from these people.