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Blessed Kennels Complaints & Reviews

Blessed Kennels / Not vet checked selling puppies with heart murmurs

Apr 11, 2016

purchased golden retriever female pup April, 2, 2016 guaranteed health. driving a hour and half to me at a store parking lot not at there kennel where you can see the parents should have got suspicious. Issues with blood in stool from beginning the constantly trying to go and shacking . took to vet and found a heart murmur at first she said if it didn't go away in 12 weeks we will replace it .should not have sold the pup with out being checked by a vet and also raise a pup for 12 weeks and if it doesn't go away .want me to spend 12 weeks taking care and raising the pup my time is worth...

Blessed Kennels / Backyard Breeder/ Puppy Mill

Jan 14, 2015

BACKYARD BREEDER. PUPPY MILL. DO NOT ADOPT FROM THESE ###. They can hide behind all the Bible verses they want but that doesn't change that they are horrible people and ABUSIVE to animals! I am friends with a few volunteers for a local rescue organization and they have had the unfortunate task of caring for, rehoming, and/or euthanizing dogs from this breeder. One of the goldens who came to the rescue was literally bred to death. On their website they list their retired dogs. They retire their dogs by giving them away! These monsters "threw" her away once they had no more use for her. The...