Bingo By Ryzing Complaints & Reviews

Bingo By Ryzing — secure connection failed

Occuring since August 15, 2018 myself, Kimberly Baker, and many other facebook and game users of Bingo by Ryzing have not been able to log onto the game and play or, collect daily bonuses. Many people say they change the date on their computer to future or past dates but myself and lots of other people i have spoken with cannot seam to get in with that way either. Please notify the owners of this game, which is a free game played by many on Facebook. Thank you.

1 comments Gambling Games  · Aug 18, 2018

Bingo By Ryzing — I haven't received my prize

I received the email from the company Bingo By Ryzing that I won money in amount of $1, 000. They also told to wait about 3 weeks and I would get my prize. Also they told me that they would warn me within several days about the prize, but after that I never heard from them and no idea what to do now. They told me that I won prize 6 weeks ago, but I still haven’t received anything from them. I wonder if there are other people, who had the same experience. Let’s share views about this company.

29 comments Products & Services  · Aug 09, 2014