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Bell Side 7 Complaints & Reviews

Bell Side 7 / High Priced & Low Satisfaction

May 22, 2014

Homer Glen no longer needs Business Sharks! Bell Side 7 eventually will sacrifice their poor quality, overly high priced business. Don't think that you will be an exception to their bad reviews... Old timers...there are 2 exceptional local competitors who are substantially lower in their prices and exceptionally higher quality repairs. I hope word of mouth changes these "has beens" and eventually their door hinges will become "rusty" from no customers walking thru their door!

Bell Side 7 / Uncommunicated fee

May 21, 2014

Moving on from posting to Angie's List, BBB and Township Hall, etc...I cannot even rate as a "one star". I brought my vehicle in a.m., described the exact problem AND exact solution, only in need of a verbal estimate. The service manager simply said to leave the key and they would call, he silently tagged my ken, no other conversation. Severalhours later after not receiving a phone call from Bell Side 7, I called and was given a very high $$$ for repair (3 times more than 2 local competitors, that were booked up). I told them no thank you and I'd be in to pick up my vehicle...I wa...

Bell Side 7 - Illinois, Homer Glen / General bad service

Jul 16, 2011

This place is run by a bunch of monkeys. Seriously, they have been taking advantage of any poor sucker who seeks their "services." Not only are they a total rip-off & will milk you for every penny you have, but they are hardly qualified to be mechanics. I don't even think these people know how to turn a computer, let alone fix a car. I took my car in to get my trigger for my windshield wiper fixed & they made it WORSE. When I took it back because THEY didn't fix it right, they still expected me to pay! We're having an issue with them right now. They've had my grandfather...

Bell Side 7 - Illinois, Homer Glen / I think your wrong


I don’t know what happened with the previous gentlemen, but let me tell you a little about the service I get from Bell Side. Bell Side is now the only mechanics we bring our personal and service vehicles to (about 10 total). We are a small local business that had tried many, many, different shops in the area. We were referred to Bell Side about 6 or 7 years ago by yet another business owner who will also swear by them. They are family owned and take great pride in their work, you can tell as soon as you speak with them. They have been there for us every time we have called from oil...

Bell Side 7 - Illinois, Home Glen / Bad auto repair


The following is a synopsis of the events leading to Bell Side 7's dangerous repairs causing additional damage and potential personal injury to me and passengers in my vehicle, for which I paid $793.13. At this time I am looking for a complete refund of this amount and once received, I will consider this issue closed. Sunday December 16th, 2007 (Approximately 7:00AM): While I was driving northbound on Cicero Ave in the furthest right lane. A snow plow pulled out of a side street and dumped snow onto Cicero Ave and backed up leaving a pile of snow in the middle of the street. I wa...