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Auric Auto Complaints & Reviews

Auric Auto / Negligent service

Oct 05, 2015

I recently booked my 320d BMW in with Auric Auto to have my two front tyres replaced. First of all, the car was booked in for the whole day and when I arrived at 16.30 to collect, they were still not done with my vehicle and I had to wait for another hour and a half. About two weeks later I happened to wash my car and discovered that the left front wheel only had two wheel nuts on. By this time I had been using the car everyday and even took a trip to Caledon. Imagine my surprise when I discovered this negligence. Being a client of Auric Auto for a number of years now, they really never seize...

Auric Auto / Unprofessional

Apr 27, 2012

Auric Auto claims to be professional BMW service but apparentaly they don’t know anything about bimmers. It took them weeks to run diagnostics and after that my car was serviced around 10 times before all problems were fixed. Better go to official BMW dealer if you have possibility.