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ATIC Computers Complaints & Reviews

ATIC Computers - British Columbia / Bad Business and Attitude

Aug 3, 2013

Hello Evon ... its me ! and you won't be able to tell who, because you do what you do to so many people. All I wanted was a duplicate receipt for software that you had sold me, and I couldn't use now. I had spent twenty minutes of your time and twenty 45 minutes of Michaels time almost buying a 1100$ computer system from ATIC. I found better, more current gear down the street, with store warranties and return/support policies for less so I had gone there. Upon finding these I was surprised that you'd peddled me what you did actually, but none the less I returned to your store to...

ATIC Computers - British Columbia, Vancouver / Did not honour warranty

Mar 7, 2013

I bought a hard drive from ATIC. The invoice states "ATIC warrants the products free from physical/hardware defects, but does not warrant a product will be suitable for a particular use." but beware ... this promise is subject to conditions they can make up on the spot! The hard drive didn't work out of the box, so I went back to the store. They would not exchange or return it, on the grounds that they couldn't verify the defect because they didn't have the necessary hardware (a computer with a Firewire port). I think this is abuse of a written agreement, and it seemed like they...

ATIC Computers - British Columbia, Vancouver / Terrible service/employee

Jul 5, 2012

I ordered A PC that was supposed to accommodate up to 12 Monitor Displays I had talked over the phone with Ken Gallant (sales rep at ATIC) in regards to building a PC that would allow me to use up to 12 displays. I said that at present, I will purchase the system with only 1 video card that will allow 4 displays, but that I want the system to be set up so that I can add the additional videocards to support the aforementioned multiple displays. Ken said that was no problem and put together a system with 1 PNY Quadro NVS 420 video card and said that all I had to do in the future for more...

ATIC Computers - British Columbia, Vancouver / Processed Credit Card Transaction Without My Knowledge


On April 22, 2009 I made several attempts to purchase online about $2, 000 of computer parts from this company. The system kept telling me that it could not process my order. I contacted ATIC and they said that they could not help me. I told them I would make another attempt and if not successful I would go elsewhere. I tried to process my credit card again and it give me the same failure message. So I took my business elsewhere and placed my order with no problems. On May 8th, I receive an email from ATIC telling me they just shipped my order. I never received any notification of the order...