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At Home Rewards Complaints & Reviews

At Home Rewards - Kansas, Waterville / charging credit card monthly

I just found charges on my credit card of 14.95 since september. it is from at home rewards. I never authorized these charges and called the number today. first they said they could cancel and not refund, i persisited and got a "manager" who offered to refund one month, i persisited and they put in a complaint request or something like that. we'll see. i think i know when it happened. some company called and i thought it was publishers clearing house which i order from sometimes and ended up ordering magazines. i cancelled that but i guess they gave my card number to someone else. beward of someone that calls or sends mail that looks like publishers clearing house. its a scam!

At Home Rewards - Alabama, Birmingham / unauthorized charge

Unauthorized monthly charges to my credit card of $14.95. The company's response to my complaint is that it is related to magazines and that I signed up as a member. Of course, I did not know I signed up for anything like a membership. I ordered magazines and paid for them in two installments; received magazines I had never heard of before or can use. The monthly charge appears to be fraudulent use of my card, accessed by payment for those magazine subscriptions.




At Home Rewards - Connecticut / Charges to my account which were not approved my me.

I tried to purchase the us magazine as a gift but when i put in my visa card number nothing happened and i thought the transaction did not go through as we had be denied access by our credit card. We were having problems. Well today, i received the subscription to myself which i did not want! It was a gift but you never asked for the recipents name. I do not want the subscription for me and would like credit to my account. If that is impossible then i would like the subscription to go where it was intended!!! Please address this problem asap! Us weekly #s 0001y314082 and mechant info 800 - 2833956 ny thank you, joan bullard [email protected]

At Home Rewards - Oregon, Toledo / Wrongful charge to my bank account

Over the weekend I was trying one of those "Free Credit Check" websites. They said there was only a $1.oo processing fee. This morning I find out from my bank that there is an overdraft of $29.95 from At Home Rewards. I have never heard of these people and I would like the $29.95 credited back to my bank account TODAY. I am a stroke victum and I just don't want to mess with this kind of stuff. Your help wil be most appreciated. Cancel your service effective immediately. Thank you

At Home Rewards / Fraudulent credit card charges


I started seeing a deduction on my credit card statement and thought it was from a purchase made on e-bay. This month (May, 2007) I again noticed the deduction of $14.95 and started to look into it. Being a Sunday, the company was not open, I turned to the internet and found that a similar experience had happened to "Kevin". I then went back to my previous bills and the charge has been every month since January! I neither know what this is or what it is for, but at any rate, did not order anything from this company. I plan on notifying my Visa bank on Monday for fraudulent charges against ATHOMEREWASRDS. Has anyone else experienced this with this company?

At Home Rewards / Scam membership


This company takes advantage of consumers with valid credit cards and offers you many free gifts, but you need to surrender your credit card numbers for 5 different charges every month after a 30 days grace period. This is a big proof for everyone that nothing in this life is for free. Then, when you want to ask a question about those charges, they hang the phone on you, and you feel bad, stuck with those monthly charges on your card. Also, when you call back to cancel any membership, they give you the third degree.

At Home Rewards / I know it's a scam, and I just want the calls to stop!

I had been receiving numerous phone calls on my cell from 1-800-266-9420. I called the number back and, after several attempts, reached a representative to be removed from their list because this was a cell number. In less than an hour I got another phone call. I, again, called until someone picked up and demanded to speak directly to a supervisor. The representitive said, "I am the supervisor! What do you want?" and hung up on me. Of course they tagged me again and I answered "This is she" to a strangers name. The opperator told me that the company was "At Home Rewards" and that they...

At Home Rewards / Illegal practices


I had a charge of $16.95 on my card from a place called 'At Home Rewards". I never heard of them and had not made any purchases from them. When I was finally able to reach someone at their customer service, the man said my information had been obtained from a company that I had ordered from a couple of months ago. I told him I wanted a refund of my money and I did not want anything from them. He said he would "cancel" my account and issue a refund immediately. This was on 6/21/06. As of today 6/27/06, there has been no refund. It seems to me this kind of practice would be illegal, both for this company and the company that gave out my credit information. Thank you, Susan