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Assassin Naturals Complaints & Reviews

Assassin Naturals - Maine, Lewiston / Unauthorized charging account


This company: Charged me the incorrect price against my credit card, also signed me uo for automatic charges for multiple savings accounts. My credit card caught them on fraud alert and closed my card. They keep changing their name when they charge your credit card. I did receive the Assassin Natural battery with 1 refill. I was suppose to get 40 refills. You're on your own as to figure out how this works as they do not provide instructions. So don't complain if you don't receive the product. Just try to cancel and get your money back. Good luck.

Assassin Naturals - Maine / failure to ship product that was charged on my credit card.


This product was advertised on the radio with their toll-free number. When I called, I was given all the details and how this would help me quit smoking. He said if I needed to order more cartridges all I had to do was order them on the internet. I have yet to receive the original order promised to me. Oh and by the way there isn't a website! Not one that I can find any way! I believe I have been ripped off. I tried calling the toll free and it just says their office is currently closed.

Assassin Naturals - Wisconsin, Hilbert / Fraud


Got information from a radio ad on Sirrius Radio. And thinking it was legitimate, Sent for the package to help stop smoking. Turns out that they also have charged me for another one that I have not authorized. I am canceling the credit card account due to this fraud. But I would like to know if there is somewhere that I might file a criminal charge against these people? Any help will be greatly appreciated.