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Arrowhead investments Complaints & Reviews

Arrowhead investments - Tennessee, Nashville / PayDay Loans

Aug 17, 2012

I got a call to cell phone yesterday, and when I called back, they tried to tell me that I took a $1300.00 loan back in December 2006 into an account that I wasn't even USING at the time. They had me for a moment because they somehow had a LOT of personal information about me. They threatened to have me arrested within the next 24-48 hours. The more I talked with my family, the more I realized that I REALLY hadn't borrowed anything from them, and Lord knows, since when would ANY PayDay Loan agency leet you borrow that much. I will be reporting them to AG's office today. and they won't be getting a DIME from me.

Arrowhead investments / payday loan scam

Aug 14, 2012

I received an email from supposingly an attorney eric smith for arrowhead investments, they said i hadf taken a loan out on 2010 of august, of 300.00, i have not taken a loan out from them . i dont even know who they are . all i did was inquire about loans online, and lo and behold they have all my info now . now sending me emails saying they are going to proceed with pressing charges ? over some loan i never took out from them . i can even pull up my bank records to prove i did not . anyway they call and harass and its always some foreign guy who is talking . im done with all this scamming...

Arrowhead investments - California, Anaheim / payday loan debt


i recieved several nasty voicemails from a man with a very strong indian accent that i could barely understand what he was saying. i only understood my name, that i needed an attorney and i had to call this Ph#714-333-2951 to ressolve this matter or my case would be sent to investigations and i would be prosecuted. this company has called me from several fake phone numbers of which always turn out to be dis-connected. so i finally get thru to someone and what do you know i spoke to 3 indian-accented men who all sounded like the same person and all conviently had american names like: john...