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APUS Complaints & Reviews

APUS / incompetency of financial aid dept

Oct 21, 2013

I transferred by Columbia College, when I only had 3 courses left before obtaining my bachelors degree. I did so because the financial aid office seem to have problems with my student loans for that remainder of my last 6 months and I grew tired of it and went to American Public University. I emailed before dropping my other college and told them of my situation. I had 174 colleges credits and told them I need three courses to graduate and that I wanted to know what I needed in order to finish my bachelors degree and go on to a Masters. I sent unofficial transcripts and then paid Columbia to...

APUS - West Virginia / Financial Aid Corruption

Sep 19, 2013

APUS is the absolute worst experience/nightmare anyone could go through when choosing a college online. Through their own incompetence, which knows no bounds, I was accidentally dropped from class by their Instructor which took them over 2 weeks to resolve, in the mean time the Dept of Education was informed that my status had dropped from full-time to part time and I lost 1500.00 in pell grants.. and that's just the beginning of the HORRIBLE stress this BUSINESS, it's not a real college- puts you through. They hold your financial aid proceeds as if it's their money- to earn...