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Wow, these guys are so bad. I don't know where to begin. Just like the other complaint. Empty houses and when you meet people they say they are disgusted with the whole approach and words were put in their mouth. You ask these so called appointment clients did they give any indication of interest on the phone and they say no whatsoever. What can you do; talk about family, pass business cards to break the ice. Doing that calms really nice old folks down but really does nothing but make me more angry. Great appointment opener I have to work with there guys. What do they do when they set... / Someone please shut down this CROOKS


Everyone who has been ripped off, please call the USA Today Newspaper and demand that they stop taking ads from this SLIME BALLS. I also lost $2,000. Annuity consults appointments= Empty houses, Bogus Appointments, lies and more lies. They are a piece of CRAP.