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Andy Ahern Complaints & Reviews

Andy Ahern - California, Los Angeles / Abusive individual

Jul 30, 2015

This man approached me about working with him and his company. After reading several reviews, I will say they are accurate! I have spoken to him, and all he did was speak badly about his employees. We all have problems, but for a future employer/boss that I was considering, I would not be interested in someone that speaks behind my back. The things he said, about his Assistant Claudia, how she is so stressed out, has cancer, an alcoholic husband, and other inappropriate things, but then pats himself on the back saying, how he has helped her tremendously, and he just sent her and her children...

Andy Ahern - Arizona, Phoenix / Thief


this man is a con artist. I recieved several calls from several acount executives from this office and finally i was able to get to talk to one about this man. On Friday when I spoke to a Mr.Tritschler, i asked him why did he call me. He said he had a company that might be interested in mine. I tell you this guy had no clue that i had talked to others before him, since 2002. it amazes me to hear how they have to do their job by cold calling he told me and if they don't make the calls as told they can get yelled at by their boss. So i was nice enough to hear what services Ahern has to...

Andy Ahern - Arizona, Phoenix / suspicious company


Beware of Ahern, et al. This company does business very suspicious. I saw him at the ATA this week, thinking everyone likes him when in reality no one does. Andy has screwed up several companies instead of helping them. Andy is only good in taking your money if you sign a contract with him he will never give it back to you. For Andy to believe in refunds is liking me asking him to lend me some money. That is a big no no. Never tell him any of your secrets. Andy will turn around tell them to his employees and say how much of an ### or bithc that ex business partner is or was. Andy you can...